Maxwell's Silver Hammer (7-2 across 2 SCs)

tstack 917

This is an aggressive Wu deck, the goal is to hammer centrals with RNG key out and steal enough points that you can indexing/mad dash for a win later in the game. RNG key, as it turns out, is really good even if you don't have a gimmick to ensure it fires. With this build, you run HQ a lot, you see a lot of cards, you can make educated guesses and get a surprising number of RNG key fires. As such, if there is an un-iced central turn one, its usually a good play to Wu for an SMC and run that central getting out your RNG key.

You also have other early pressure cards like Mining Accident, Maxwell James, and on demand SMC. You should be able to dominate the early game and score a good number of points. Then you can money up to land an indexing and hopefully win off RnD, or pressure the remote that your opponent may have neglected while protecting centrals.

All in all, it is a fun deck and you should try it out!

19 Feb 2018 Sanjay

The list looks really cool!

I shared this in the Wu slack channel. Hope that was okay!

19 Feb 2018 tstack

Thanks! And yeah of course, I published it to be shared!

20 Feb 2018 alshorte

Bang bang Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon his heeaaadd!

Super interesting deck. Playing against it you don't initially expect that level of aggression and it takes a bit to figure out how best to defend against this build. Lot's of fun to play against! :)

20 Feb 2018 alshorte

Bang Bang Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon his heeaadd!

Super interesting deck to play against. It takes a bit to figure out how best to defend against this (surprisingly) aggressive build, but it is fun to play against!

22 Feb 2018 spags

Trevor, always interesting dex from you.

Nice deck!