Scorp Rigshooter 2.0

Krasty 523

Published for purpose of claim on AlwaysBeRunning. Really good deck because it`s so bloody fast... injection of 2 NGO Fronts was good idea .. :o)

1st day - 5 wins, 1 lose (ended as a first Weyland in swiss - after five "crappy" CI`s!)

2nd day - 3 wins, 1 lose (just Kenny killed me before I killed him...)

19 Feb 2018 Inermis

NGO Front is crazy good in this deck. you instal adv ice, and this can be atlas, or hostile, or graft or ngo.. craazy good!

19 Feb 2018 Longi

Way to go Krasty, well done during the weekend;)

20 Feb 2018 ff0X

That does look nasty. I am glad that I am one of the lucky few who won against it. :)

20 Feb 2018 Krasty

@ff0X: now I could say, that it was "just" first game at the morning... :o) ...but of course -> the thrue is you played REALLY WELL against this deck ... and early Critic and SacCon helps you a LOT ... :o)

Hehe, now I recognize, that two loses was my first and last game of weekend... I must deal with it and do it better next time! :o)
20 Feb 2018 Krasty

btw I will think about cut down Graft and put in SSL Endorsement. Seems like good idea even if scoring Graft (and search for final combo peace) is very good option (2 times during this weekend). The point is, that if I lose with this deck it`s because runner steal Graft. Ofently happened in early game when R&D is "free to use".

And as everybody know - money talks! :o)