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This deck went 7-0 at a small Store Championship (3x AoT, 2x AgInf, 1x CTM, 1x IG). I put it together because I wanted to play an interactive Shaper deck, which meant no boring cards allowed.

The general idea of the deck is to get Security Testing down turn one, and ride the economic engine to victory. Once your engine is set up (typically turn 3 or 4), you can click once a turn for:

  • Two credits in your credit pool
  • One permanent stealth credit on Mercur, or a card if necessary
  • A peek at the top card of R&D, which lines up agenda steals or RNG Key calls

Against low-ice decks, you can install all of your SecTests and click for 3 into high-value runs or staying on top of assets. Against glacier, installing one SecTest forces them to commit real ice (remember that Mercur still pays out if you break for one credit) to low-value servers, which prevents you from ever really getting taxed out.

Against CI, concede the game immediately, grab a beer, and commiserate over MWL predictions.

Why is this deck called AcronymShop? Because if you try to pronounce "STFTTRNG" it comes out sounding all broken.

21 Feb 2018 Saan

Looks like your MWL CI hopes are at least a little brighter =)

20 Mar 2018 saetzero

Would you like seconds of this delicious but rather large meal?

"no thanks. i am ST(uf)FT."

i insist. eat more food. or else.

"okay okay, i am TR(yi)NG"