Apoc Steve 11th Berlin double play

Bast10n 120

I can't thank Dom enough for this great tournament. This Apoc Steve went 3-3 in swiss, or if you count apoc fires 4-2 :) Not really new, but fun to play in a tournament with mostly anarch's and smoke's.

Gameplan: Simple, set-up with 3 breakers and good economy and fire the apoc. Best case doppelganger will leave you with a click left to run where you think the agenda(s) are. after that get a second aesop on the board to rebuild econ fast. in case the post apoc match takes to long, just apoc again. Also Fisk-info sifting to make CI super unhappy :)

Includes explained. Harbinger: Simply aesop food together with the cache. Bank Job: money is so important so lets take advantage of the asset spam. easy discard if you know it won't hit a naked remote. Security testing: Money butt also save central run's since you won't acces. don't want to lose apoc on a snare. Feint: no acces, by pass 2 ice. what more does apoc want? On the Lam: Just in case you do hit a snare or something. you are gonna apoc anyways so host it on the aesop before apoc turn. Breaker suite: TD breakers since you got moneyz enough and when finishing your last run you can bypass ice and have it in the bin before the apoc fire.

In case it wasn't clear, everything is focused on the apoc fire ;)

Match-ups: i honestly do not remember my first match-up. it went on time, i could not find the agenda's in time after the apoc fire. Second match-up was against Palana, wich went prety cool: dopelganger wasvery usefull since there was an nisei token. after the apoc fire i could easily get into the central's since there was just one ice and he wanted a scoring server. THird was agianst ci, after the apoc fire i got outpaced while not getting in HQ. Fourth was against CTM, wich at one point rebuilded a scoring remote that i should have mad dashed but the NGO threat is real. 5th was against skorpios, wich is a mismatch. lost all easop food and could not find the abagnale's and demera's. 6th against ASA: did not fire the apoc since He was on fully prepared for it and could have iced up right away. that way i stole a 3 pointer en info-shifted to 5 points soon after. then i just kept my econ higher then his and contested his remote constantly until i stole a 2nd c.s. team.

This deck is good fun and still flexible enough in case you get the idea that apoc won't work. Many thanks to the Berlin Runners, Judges and TO. Greetz from the Netherlands