Harmony 3-Point Psy-Advance

Oneiro 264

This Deck is all about keeping the runner on his toes. Matches should not last too long, because you either score two 5/3s, bait the runner into nasty traps, or the runner finds exactly what he needs and you loose.

Although i have already played another version of my deck without zaibatsu loaylties, i decided to put them in, to give my traps a bit more punch. (of course i am fine with the runner exposing a psychic field...)

Most of my ice is early-game ETR-Ice. If i play against a criminal i want to mushin no shin my first agenda behind a guard. Otherwise i am glad to see a Hive in my starting hand.

Archer on the other hand is my nasty piece of ice, which can completely ruin a runners day if he doesn't see it coming (if he does, fine, he still has to pay a lot).

It is important to never get predictable with this deck. Thats why you should keep some patterns (mushin no shin+ice; install-advance-advance...) but mix it up a bit every now and then. Every advanced card should be a possible Trap OR Agenda, even if it is just an advanced zaibatsu, to bait the runner into the unadvanced snare next to it (or vice versa).

My first version of this deck did quite well, but i wanted to try not to use caprice nise, simply because i dont like her (like i dont like siphon). I am going to playtest this deck today and will see how it goes.

2 May 2014 aermet69

I don't know if I like the inclusion of Clone Retirement here. On one hand, it's kinda free rezz on Archer, as you don't really need that 1 point, and if the runner takes it, it's also somewhat irrelevant for the matchpoint (unless he or she grabs all three). But then again, it is a lot of time and two extra deck slots in order to get that Archer rezz. Perhaps there would be a more useful 1 pointer? Maybe False Lead could be more versatile even though you can't score it from hand, or House Of Knives that can perhaps be emptied first?

If you don't like Siphon, perhaps play Caprice and stick her on HQ? :)

2 May 2014 Oneiro

Hm, maybe you're right, another one-pointer might be better, i like the out of hand score, though. I will playtest the deck as it is today and will see how it works. Maybe i will switch clone retirement out eventually.

I played Caprice and used it exactly as you described and yeah - it works, but for me caprice and siphon are both cards i don't like to play, because they don't seem to be fun to me. It is ok if my opponent uses these cards - i dont't mind - but i prefer decks without them ;)