Look! They're building skyscraper in Jinja City!

Two_EG 349

And Omar just blew it up. Terrorist win.

Usually I ran this deck with 3 Apocalypse and 2 Interdiction, but these days AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World has been a huge matter, so I'm trying with Strikes. But still +1 Apo -3 Employee + some Interdiction or Hacktivist Meeting can be a great change.

Playing this deck is simple as hell. DDoS. Run archive twice with Omar. Run another central server. Apocalypse. DO this as many time as possible.

Amped Up can help you to deal against MCA Austerity Policy, Nisei MK II, AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World, and some nasty defensive upgrades. But what should I do if my apo is trashed via amped up? Use Same Old Thing. Amped up gives you 6 click 1+1+1+2=5 so you still have 1 click left for dealing against nisei token MCA etc.

Once you landed your Apo, keep running central with Omar ability, and when they set 3 ice on central again, install DDoS. Apocalypse. In most game 2 apocalypse is enough, but if game goes longer than that, use SOT trick and trope to recur your apocalypse.

Against damage corps : Always install SOT. Keep IHW in hand. Usually you want to Apocalypse when you have 7 cards in hand with Earthrise Hotel draws. And using Amped up first click on Apo-turn is recommended since you have some chance to lose both Amped up and Apocalypse in hand by hitting snare or something.

Against NBN : Apo fast. I mean, try to Apo when they have 1-1-1 ice on central or 1-2-1 ice so they cannot rez any ice when you use DDoS. Make yourself never encounter Data Raven.

Asset Spam : XD just watch out for Hostile Infrastructure but who uses hostile forget it



Rumor Mill is back! I think Rumor Mill is better than Strike now... Since AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World uses Marcus Batty anyway.

21 Feb 2018 BizTheDad

I would think a copy or two of Chop Bot 3000 would be great. Also, has no multi-access hurt in closing out the game after Apocalypse?

22 Feb 2018 Two_EG

Well this deck actually doesn't have many facedown cards. One or two breaker + some unused resource is all what you can trash with Chop Bot. meh.

And for multi-access. That's always a good idea but I think that's just 'another' way to end the game. Corp is destined to be flooded. Just poke HQ few times after apocalypse. Enough to get 7 points.

23 Feb 2018 gumonshoe

To those of you playing jinja variants. It's usually a good idea to ice archives with 2-3 ice when playing against any anarch as soon as possible. Rebirth is always a possibility, but if they start with an archives focused identity it doesn't make sense not to. You want either a big code gate to tax blackorchestra or a really big barrier.

Going lighter on either HQ or R&D is usually fine. You protect the one that is more dangerous to leave open, but single accesses aren't likely to beat you on either server, especially with miraju as an inner ice on one of the servers; whereas an open archives is a death sentence.