Thike 1193

Want to be obnoxious with Tapwrm and SacCon, even after the MWL 2.1?

Well here's a deck for you!

Basically just money and breakers. Peace in our Time cash and Tapwrm delays help you get set up and a relatively reasonable pace. Don't be afraid to use Emergent Creativity to find a Tapwrm if you have the Sacrificial Constructs and your breakers already. Interdiction is probably the weakest card, but I wanted a current and that's the best of the unrestricted ones.

22 Feb 2018 esutter479

Heh, you seem to like Adam as much as I like Edward Kim. :D This looks like great fun...keep up the good work!

22 Feb 2018 Thike

I may have a thing for Asimovian robots, and I really like the early pressure. Definitely one of my favorite IDs.

24 Feb 2018 Lupus Yonderboi

What are your directives ?

24 Feb 2018 Lupus Yonderboi

What are your directives ?

24 Feb 2018 Thike

I usually start without Always be Running. So: Find the Truth, Neutralize All Threats and Safety First, but I'd drop Safety First for Always Be Running against Titan or Mythic CI.

9 Mar 2018 instinctive

This deck has no way to blank directives, so starting with ABR means Peace in Our Time is a dead draw?

9 Mar 2018 Thike

Never start with ABR, essentially. With Mythic CI gone, you really don't have a reason to anyways.