Jinjarly Designed - deck

LeonardQuirm 968

Undefeated in 4 rounds of Swiss!

Current style One revised core, one big box expansion (C&C), one data pack (Down the White Nile) and one extra card (Ikawah Project), following MWL 2.0.


Round 1 vs Valencia. Hit massive flood as soon as the game started. Generated as much money as I could only to have 4 agenda in hand after about 3 turns, so I installed a naked Vitruvius while an Adonis was still ticking down in my defended remote, then on the following turn (after it wasn't run) Biotic'd out the other Vitruvius in my hand. As a result I had a much less problematic HQ and a ready to score 2 points my opponent had discounted as being an agenda. Scored out an SSL at speed, safe in the knowledge I could afford to lose it if it was run, then scored the Vitruvius.

Round 2 vs Kit. I got to 4 points with two Vitruviuses very early, but my opponent got to 5 points with an SSL and the third Vitruvius, keeping me on my toes. Indexed me click 3 against a two unrezzed ICE on R&D - I rezzed Nightdancer, which he broke, then I didn't rez the second ICE. He rearranged and ran again, choosing to not break the Nightdancer - so I rezzed the Tollbooth inside and blocked him out, preventing the win. Unfortunately I bankrupted myself in the process so had to spend my 5 click turn clicking for credits. The game progressed with my opponent keeping running last clicks, having forgotten that Iwakah was a thing, and was punished for it on his final turn with a run into my well defended remote against a one advanced card only to discover the Iwakah there. I had over 8 credits and a Biotic in hand to score out.

Round 3 vs Valencia. I rushed out agenda, using SSL to keep my economy going and Jinja to build a scary looking remote. Femme doesn't like having to break Ichi the traditional way, turns out.

Round 4 vs Adam. My opponent found himself broke and making a series of very unfortunately timed runs - hit Viktor 2.0 on click 3 with no breaker and no cash, causing him to take a brain damage (hand size 2), then ran into a Heimdall 2.0 on click 3 with no breaker, so took 2 more brain damage to hit hand size 0...and then eventually had a turn in which he drew Retrieval Run, then played it (his only card in hand) to run Archives with only a Gordian and a Morning Star, and discovered I had a Swordsman there. Flatline for the final win of the day!

Card choices: Iwakah Project and SSL Endorsement are great. NEXT is really nice for speed and the high ICE density works with Jinja City Grid quite well. NGO is fantastic economy and Ash saved me against the Round 3 Valencia. Tollbooth remains great ICE. Everything else is basically as expected i.e. functional but probably better replaced with better cards.

Good, honest, classic Netrunner! Except for the fact it has good 5-3s in it.

24 Feb 2018 OneQuarterPower

@LeonardQuirm A truly memorable game. Congrats again!

24 Feb 2018 OneQuarterPower

@LeonardQuirm A truly memorable game. Congrats again!