Wu-nsies - deck

LeonardQuirm 968

Undefeated in 4 rounds of Swiss!

Current style One revised core, one big box expansion (C&C), one data pack (Blood Money) and one extra card (Maw), following MWL 2.0. ID was allowed to be from any pack, hence availability of Wu despite not taking DtWN.

The starting point for this build was the excellent looking (although I haven't played it myself) https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/48809/kabonesa-wu-d-il-undefeated-in-rockford-sc- Some significant changes were required to get it down to shape, and in practice some parts of it didn't come out on the day - I don't think I ever ended up playing an Underworld Contact, nor the Mimic I thought it was important to replace one of the Femmes with (no Architects may have been related to the less necessary nature of Mimic).

On the flip side, Maw (picked primarily from desire for a 2 mem console that would do something useful) proved excellent with continual pressure from undefended remotes and a lot of peace of mind for myself as I removed threat cards like Sea Sources and Booms from the Corp's hand.


Round 1 vs Argus. Money proved to be nearly the only thing I needed as I probed early game against a Checkpoint. Eventually I had to grab a Paperclip to deal with Ice Wall and Firewall on the remote and HQ, but I nabbed 6 points quickly and accumulated money from Magnum Opus to fire off a Notoriety win.

Round 2 vs Titan. The Atlas train started out quickly with a Trick of Light off of the HQ ICE, but my opponent refused to use the counter immediately following an Indexing despite my running again (possibly because of Maw threatening knocking out the Atlas if he tutored for it). I stole a Hostile - a mere single point, but enough to put a dampener on his primary plan since Revised Core only has one copy.

Just as my opponent prepared to get ready for number two with a replenished pair of advancements, I started running HQ. The ICE turned out to be Colossus, but I had just enough money to SMC out a Femme and get in a couple of times, stealing a second Atlas and an Armoured Servers. My opponent drew a few cards and managed to pull out the final Atlas and fast advance it with an Audacity, but he was out of tricks and I only needed to find one more agenda for the win.

Round 3 vs CTM. Early Magnum Opus and Beth meant I had a safe credit lead throughout and Maw helped remove any threatening cards regardless. An Archangel - Data Raven R&D slowed my aggression, but having nabbed several points as we built up, a Scavenge of my Femme onto Data Raven (to allow me to steal QPM safely) and a Kabonesa'd Atman-6 for a slightly Hail Mary play allowed me to Index cheaply and find the winning points I needed.

Round 4 vs PU. Getting Feedback Filter and Beth Kilrain-Chang in the opening hand, and having Wu's methods for grabbing Magnum Opus instantly, meant I had the advantage from the start. I played it safe, kept money high, and stole a couple of Obakatas and finally a Future Perfect for a clean win.


This is a deck of pretty well known cards that are largely accepted to be strong, bulked out with some OK ones because that's what requires. There's not a huge amount to say about them, except that MOpus fully deserves its status on the Restricted list, and Maw's great.

I should play cards that I hate playing against more often; turns out there's a reason I hate playing against them.