Robo Paywall

Gowan 2

I have been playing this deck on Jinteki on and off for a while now. It can hold its own against a lot of top tier decks. Its a Fast Advanced rush deck, that ironically relies on drip economy (with the exception of the Ultras, which are to race through your deck as fast as possible). Paywall is to help protect against bullying. And Jeeves and Ash double team to get move things along (Jeeves) or protect the remote if there is a need to defend it (Ash).

Im not certain about the third Turing or the Pad campaigns or Excalibur but they work for now. Any thought would be appreciated.

26 Feb 2018 PyWiz

The first NASX is a strict upgrade to PAD so you could swap those (helps to dodge Tapwrm if people decide to keep playing it). Honestly though, the campaigns should be enough drip -- I'd probably just run Hedge Fund.

I think dropping a Turing for the third Architect or an Ichi 1 would make sense, or just some cheaper ice like Enigma.

Last thing would be considering Enhanced Login Protocol over Paywall. I know paywall is money but ELP is so good with fairchildren/Ikawah/Ash and it costs 0 inf. Something to think about.

Otherwise looks sweet!