I W'Egret Nothing

Men-Nom-On-Noms 21

This is my humble contribution to mathandlove's genius. The biggest, most fundamental change is the addition of x3 Egret. If this is a list that must run x3 Clone Chip, a hard sell considering how good Film Critic is in the current environment, and this is a list that packs a bunch of MU in Cyberdelia and Daredevil, and Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker can tutor programs, and she somewhat wants to be tutoring programs that cost more than 1 credit and really wants to be tutoring programs that get trashed the turn they're played...

Egret is the special sauce. It is devastating at instant speed with Ankusa.

The other change I've made that has proven strong in testing is bumping Cold Read and Stimhack to x3. The power of this deck is the speed at which it can set up. Which means doing everything possible to ensure an explosive Turn 1.

I had to take out one Rubicon Switch to make room for the third Stimhack--not great, but somewhat made up for by the x3 Egret. With the remaining influence I put a Clot in because I was getting outpaced by super-fast Titan decks. I'm not sure this is correct, but it does help those match-ups and it does synergize with Clone Chip.

At the end of the day, I think we really need to commend mathandlove for his contribution. This thing is a monster and I'm sure it's not refined yet--I'm certainly not the best Netrunner player. I just wanted to let everyone know that if you run this you should be running it with Egret. Cheers.

1 Mar 2018 EnderA

I definitely agree with the addition of at least 1 Egret, although it's not entirely better than Tinkering, so I don't know that a full switch is ideal. Tinkering takes no MU and doesn't require CC to use on unrezzed ICE, both of which are important early. It guarantees a turn of risk-free Au Revoir when you're relying on a single breaker and limited MU/CC/SMC, and functions as a poor man's Inside Job. Whether you go 2x of each or whatever is up to you.

I mentioned on the other deck you may want to consider Scavenge for faster setup. Personally I think Out of the Ashes is a luxury win-more card, and would cut that first. I also upped my rig to 3x Daredevil and 3x Cyberdelia to maximize the chance of drawing an MU card early. 5 MU is the magic number for 3x Au Revoir + 1 Self-modifying Code, and the earlier the better. Also, 1 Atman is great utility, especially versus Excalibur.

1 Mar 2018 Men-Nom-On-Noms

@EnderA, I agree about Out of the Ashes. I've been doing some more testing and have cut them out completely. I've also cut Feedback Filter because Ankusa deals so beautifully with Kakugo and Obokata Protocol's damage can't be prevented. I'm currently trying out x3 Sports Hopper as kill prevention, or draw when flush with cash, with x3 Modded. I'm liking it so far.

1 Mar 2018 Men-Nom-On-Noms

Also, regarding Atman, I've been enjoying bouncing the mythic ICE with Ankusa.

1 Mar 2018 EnderA

I think the primary reason Feedback Filter is in there is for Mushin No Shin+Project Junebug with the side benefit of neutralizing most other Jinteki shenanigans. It turns a (massive) credit advantage into invulnerability with a single card. However, if you're not facing that in your meta then it's an obvious cut.

I just played a game where the opponent Turn 2 scored Ancestral Imager. Instant paralysis, lol. Had to spend a minute completely rethinking my game plan. On the flipside, I played a game where the CTM opponent conceded Turn 3 because he couldn't keep up with 12c/turn. This deck leads to some very lopsided games.

2 Mar 2018 BizTheDad

You should include one copy of Marathon and pray that you play against an asset spam deck. You'll get 2x credits where x is the number of open remotes for a grand total of zero clicks.

2 Mar 2018 Men-Nom-On-Noms

Marathon could make some pretty silly money in the ideal case, yeah. But I think it may fall into the same category as Out of the Ashes: win more. The deck already seems to have a good match-up against asset spam. At the same time... x1 might just be good clean fun.

2 Mar 2018 EnderA

@BizTheDad Unfortunately Marathon requires the run to be successful to return to hand. So it's great for clearing remotes after spending clicks gaining credits, but doesn't combo to gain loads of credits. The matchup is already incredibly favorable since you're basically guaranteed a jack out server. As I mentioned, some asset spam decks forfeit turn 3 once they realize you're making 3/click and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

2 Mar 2018 Men-Nom-On-Noms

Oh, heck, @EnderA. I didn't even think about needing a successful run. There goes that pipe dream.

5 Mar 2018 lopert

How quickly do you find your turning wheel? Seems risky to have the only multiaccess in the deck being a 1x.

What are your thoughts on -1 Clot, +1 Femme Fatale, +1 The Turning Wheel? (-1 any card)

I'm a bit worried about the helheim CI decks that were posted today, and femme seems to be a good answer to that?

5 Mar 2018 Men-Nom-On-Noms

@lopert, the deck actually draws pretty fast. And it can remote lock very well while it sets up all of its pieces. Considering these things, I've often found that I don't mind when my The Turning Wheel is on the bottom. I've primarily been using Mr. Wheel to close out a game I have otherwise locked down. That said, I haven't played too much against CI and I've played even less against this newfangled Helheim Servers + NEXT Sapphire deck.

Femme Fatale might be right. Ditching the Clot might be right. But I'm not sure another Mr. Wheel is necessary.