obscurica 1298

Ed Kim trashes more cards on average per run than any other runner, simply thanks to being able to target more viable trash targets than... any other runner.

This makes him an extremely good Friday Chip enabler.

This, in turn, makes Aumakua very happy and lets you refill Cache constantly.

This makes it easier for Ed to trash card, perpetuating the cycle.

They can, of course, just Purge and neutralize your viruses. But given how many virus counters you're loading up, that's why we have Acacia. It's also why we have Archives Interface, so we can get rid of incidental Cyberdex Virus Suites. Because of how crippling CVS can be, and also because of your reliance on hardware in general, Tyson Observatories become a necessary include.

4 Mar 2018 Gauss

I've been thinking about the Imp/Friday Chip deck. I was thinking I might try putting a Sneakdoor in something like this, too, but maybe it's already going to be hard for them to lock you out with all the Aumakua counters...

4 Mar 2018 Gauss

Also, not sure Levy is worth it to just bring back eXer?

4 Mar 2018 obscurica

@Gauss Acacia also trashes, as does Technical Writer, Crypt, and Liberated Account. Once every few games (especially vs Jinteki), you'll want to hit that reset button just to have cards available at all.

5 Mar 2018 Angelofdeath

Trope over levy perhaps? Then you could have any restricted you wanted :)

5 Mar 2018 Sutlomatsch

Isn't Aumakua antiysnergetic with trash effects? I mean it doesn't get a counter if you trash cards you access?

5 Mar 2018 obscurica

@Angelofdeath Good idea that I overlooked. I'll run a few test lists.

@Sutlomatsch Sure, but it's not antisynergistic with Friday Chip, which makes it much harder to set back Aumakua progress with Purge triggers.

6 Mar 2018 GcFlash

@obscuricain regards to your reply to @Sutlomatsch are you forgetting that Friday Chip virus counters will get purged too, or just assuming you'll be able to get in to top them up again later through normal breakers and the money from Acacia?

6 Mar 2018 obscurica

@GcFlash Accounting for FChip flushes, yeah. Acacia is a helluva enabler.

6 Mar 2018 Gauss

I'll be trying something like this out tomorrow. How have you felt about the econ? Seems like you might have a lot more money than you need for a relatively cheap rig.

6 Mar 2018 obscurica

@Gauss You'd think so, but if you're facing down code gates with a blanked Aumakua, that's a lot of credits to burn through on average. Hard to ever say that having too much money is a problem, tbh.

23 Mar 2018 CommissarFeesh

I can't wait to try this - really interested to see how it plays when exported over to Freedom Khumalo: Crypto Anarchist as well.