Red Taxes (1st Place Dogs of War Store Championship 2-1)

Jandersoncad 1009

This deck linked above is definitely were the inspiration of this list came from.

So we had a tiny Store Championship and this is the corp list I brought. After doing some Mathrunner I realized alot of this ICE was painful for Anarch to break. Expecting Adam with Anarch Breakers, Maxx, and Val. Lower turnout but we had 3 Adams!!!! With Ice Carver out the math doesn't change on your Anansi and DNA Tracker and during practice I found that you don't need a 3rd DNA Tracker when you can just run 2 Data Loop, 2 DNA Tracker, and 2 Anansi. All these ICE are rough.

Got to play vs Adam with Paperclip/BlackOrc/Femme with Emergent Creativity, Wu Combo (my only loss because I got to 5 points and well couldn't do anything), and RNG Key Maxx. A big thanks to all my friends who helped me out with the deck. Including Andrej who actually suggested the original list and Ve who helped me with the refining.

Some notable changes I would make moving forward is I found you can lock up remotes really well so there is value in probably going -3 Nisei Mk II, -1 Code Replicator, -1 Fast Track, -1 Enigma and putting in +3 Braintrust, +3 Shippment from Tennin. As you only need the remote to finish the game. Just a thought. But a really fun deck to play in my opinion.

4 Mar 2018 indeflab4

Dies to Dyper, 6/10.

Jokes aside, great job at the tourney today! Always fun to see what Jinteki science you cook up for these events.