Old Dog New Tricks: 3-0 Vancouver SC

Alpha 99

I went 4-2 on the day, which earned me 3rd place, dropping games because of the relative inexperience with my runner. I faced Calling in Favours Geist, good stuff Smoke, and Apoc Kim.

This deck is centered around a few core objectives.

1: Make money very quickly with BaBW's ID + transaction operations.

2: Force the runner to make bad decisions. Note: a simple run that pokes a central can be a bad decision. Any combo of Economic Warfare + Reversed Accounts + Hard-Hitting News + Bryan Stinson is very punishing.

3: Forced Connection is great and really catches people off guard. You can make so much money quickly, they can even be effective against link Runners.

4: Score out because they can't contest. Alternatively...

5: BOOM!

Some other notes: Nearly all ice is multi sub. I switched out a couple of single sub ice to deal with the prevalence of Femme in my meta, and the fact I saw a plethora of Geist + Gbahali + Kongamato decks in the Pubrunner prior to this tournament.

Archived Memories and Consulting Visit are great utility cards.

Only one Stinson because I often found drawing the second copy and not needing it. Also, the threat of Stinson can often be enough to force bad decisions or inaction.

11 Mar 2018 GameOfDroids

Looks pretty similar to an Argus list I've been playing for a while. I tried Forced Connection, but ultimately switched to Prisec. Did you try Prisec and if so, what made you play the Forced Connection?

11 Mar 2018 AsteriskCGY

I think the threat from R&D and the economy of a trace to BOOM tags threatens more than a single tag.

11 Mar 2018 Alpha

@GameOfDroids I did consider Prisec, as it has more staying power than the zero trash cost of Forced Connection. But at @AsteriskCGY mentioned, the double tag from a simple R&D or HQ poke is a great threat. In testing, I had more than one occurrence or somebody hitting a Forced Connection last click (no Snare! respect), to be easily Boomed next turn.

Despite that, and despite what I said about being able to out money link runners, that's only if things are going well for you, and I may have to go back to Prisec. Sunny is seeing more play now that White Hat is out, and with Black Hat coming, I don't see that stopping. And then there's Akiko coming up. And Geist is seeing a resurgence (could be temporary, but who knows?).

15 Mar 2018 AsteriskCGY

@AlphaAs a Sunny player my power tap love more traces.

15 Mar 2018 Alpha

@AsteriskCGY I actually played this against a Power Tap Sunny last night. If you go fast, Sunny can't keep up. I'm considering slotting a Fast Track just to improve those odds.