a Humble Skorpios 1st - SC KL

Dazzler 28

This is my iteration from Seamus's skorpios deck. I took it to my local Store Champ. The meta here is a bit weird since the MWL 2.1 is implemented but not all of us have the datapack from Kitara Cycle. So kitara cycle is not legal yet for this Store Champ. I still had fun playing in the store champ with all people friends that I missed since I did'nt play netrunner that often anymore.

This Deck Went 4-1 on the Day. Losing to leela deck due to early fisks and agenda flooding. The win was against MaxX and Hayley. The hayley game on the top cut win was very lucky as hayley almost got the winning agenda but unable to do so because few credit short.

Overall I'm Happy with the result. This tourney also marks my first year of netrunner and the same month last year I was just playing decks out side core deck. So it is a "get out of core set" Anniversary for me.