Toolbox Economy

gumonshoe 2973

This deck is, and you can be sure of this since I'm the one posting it, pretty dumb.

3x Aenos, 3x Au Revior, 3x GPI,Zamba makes for a interesting deck with an interesting economy. Sometimes it doesn't work at all, but when it does you can get 6-9 creds a click. And at some point the corp can't deal with that. Caldera seems almost reasonable damage prevention.

Rebirth is because the deck can't afford levy or trope; so go steve when you're money is in place. Otherwise play it like Wu Au Revoir or Zamba GPI, or really whatever ends up working.

Since consistency is rocky to begin with, 3x fan site & 2x artist colony. Deck wants a turning wheel too.

This whole thing is weird to play, but it's worth it for when you have 80 credits as the runner and the corp gives up on ice, compounding the problem.