Raging Number Grinder (2nd at Gainesville,FL SC, 6-0 record)

indeflab4 162

An experiment in using RNG Key/Find the Truth in MaxX that turned out to be pretty good in keeping up pressure on the Corp, going 6-0 on the day. Opponents faced were Architects of Tomorrow, Mushin Cybernetics Division, Azmari Edtech Glacier (x2), Palana Glacier and Punitive Weyland BABW.

This deck feels slightly more aggressive than the Control MaxX decks floating around now since you can make your runs free/cheap between Data Folding credits and the earlier-mentioned RNG Key combo. Otherwise, you do what MaxX normally does: set up a great board state and make high-impact runs to disrupt the Corp's plans.

Note: The deck is 47 cards because I couldn't figure out what else to cut. Having played the deck quite a bit now, I'd say the Dirty Laundry can go.

Second note: This deck is based off of a list from The Source's Ve Herrman for providing the inspiration for this deck. I believe our lists only differ by 4-5 cards.

19 Mar 2018 Jackson Howard

This deck is the real deal! The truth is out there! Thanks for the 5 games

19 Mar 2018 indeflab4

@Jackson HowardGreat to see the Gainesville crew again. Hope to see you all again soon!