I Almost Lost Control (7-0 1st at @ Gamesville Tabletop SC)

Jackson Howard 67

I took this deck from yads (thank you :) and switched out the Citadel Sanctuary for an extra Stimhack. The result was my first ever Store Champs win. Much respect to my competitors. Don't forget stay at 4 MU if you want to be folding data, and always win the psi game when death is on the line. Go Gamesville!

19 Mar 2018 indeflab4

@Jackson HowardI forgot to mention it at the tournament, but staying at 2 MU for Data Folding is I was on Ice Carver and not Datasucker; Datasucker is a great card, and it synergizes with MaxX's level of aggression more, but I like the guaranteed 1-3 credits a turn with Folding more! All in all, great games on the day! You're definitely a strong opponent, congrats again on the win!