Reavershop Wu 2.12 (1st 5-1 @ Trotta's SC)

saetzero 2295

Good deck. I been playing Reavershop for ages for a reason. Wastelands, NRE, HG are all meta slots... change them to something for your meta, or keep Wastelands for more money because you don't care about tech cards.

19 Mar 2018 CodeMarvelous

Great list and congrats. Still allergic to Hayley I see.

19 Mar 2018 saetzero

Ensuring turn 1 Reaver is better than hayley. The link is relevant too. I would play this in Ayla over Hayley and THAT i will agree is because I am a hater... but theres no way Reavershop is better in anything but Wu. - @CodeMarvelous

9 Apr 2018 Nick!

I've really been enjoying the deck. Do you have any suggestions for combating 1) Obokata and 2) Scarcity? Also, would Nyashia be a good include? If so, do you move away from Indexing?

9 Apr 2018 saetzero


Obokata - Just tank the damage, its not a big deal.

Scarcity - Install Aesops only, find Indexing and try to clear it. Or cut a flex slot for Interdiction or two (or other current of your choice. I really had fun with Hacktivists in the past lol).

Nyashia - Great include! Super good! Cut 1 indexing and 1/2 flex slots to fit 2 or 3 of them in. Would also recommend getting a Legwork or two in and moving from Mad dash into Freedom thru Equality if you do this. :)

9 Apr 2018 Nick!

Thanks! I’ll give those suggestions a try. Just waiting on the awesome jnet folks for the new cards. Thoughts on Rebirth for the final influence instead of Hunting Grounds? Rebirth options I see are Kit (would pair well with CyCy), Hayley for setup early, Smoke for the credit/turn, or Chaos Theory for MU.