Annoy Everyone: 1st Newcastle Store Champ

lilelia 323

Took this deck to a GNK and a Store Champ, going 3-0 and 3-1. In the GNK my runner flounced a bit and I only managed 4th, in the Store Champ my runner also went 3-1 and I won my first store champ. This deck beat Val, Adam, Wu, 2 Hayleys, and Geist, and lost to Val.

See my runner deck for brief descriptions of the Store Champ matches. For the GNK:

Val I slowed down by keeping her out of centrals, and RFGing a couple of her breakers by FAing a Chronos Project, so that she had to dig for more copies. By the end of the game, everything was far too taxing for her to run frequently, and she hadn't managed to snag many points.

Wu was on Origami, so Chronos Project (+Ark Lockdown earlier) also made her very sad. That and the fact I'd made Colossus and Susanoo absolutely horrid to break with her Na'Not'K. And Navi stumped her Lister on the remote for quite a while.

Adam I remember being over very quickly, but I can't remember if he died or I scored out. We played a rematch after since my runner game was also quick, which I won much more slowly, with taxing centrals and Navi in the remote doing work.


This deck is supposed to be a critical mass of cards that annoy most of the popular runner decks at the moment, with Consulting Visits to help find some of them. It is fragile early game, where you need to be very patient and get some money to keep them out. But if you can survive that without losing too many agendas, you're pretty well set against most runners.

How to annoy them:

Anyone with Levy / Bin Breakers - Chronos / Ark Lockdown

Bin Breakers (and certain other breakers) - Super horrible ice breaking costs, with some you can increase to taste (Colossus).

Lister / Pirate - Navi. Also if they're on this they're also on Levy, see above.

Runners without Clot - Shipments and Reconstruction Contract.

Everyone - An Offer you Can't Refuse on an absolutely horrid server.

Almost everyone - 4 copies of Scarcity + Recursion for it.

Remember, when playing Jinteki, it's not about you winning, it's about them losing.

19 Mar 2018 Sanjay

This list looks absolutely inspired. I love it so much.

20 Mar 2018 zmb

So Reconstruction Contract is only for Tennin counters, right? Did that work out? With all those silver bullets, did you loose speed. Turtling up, understood but could you elaborate a bit about win strategy and ice placement? Looks very interesting!

Gratz on the win!

20 Mar 2018 lilelia

@SanjayThanks, that means a lot coming from the WORLDS BEST TENNIN :P

@zmbReconstruction Contract is generally another "install advance advance", which thanks to Tennin counters makes it look like an NGO front. If they don't run you can put another counter on it then FA an Obokata, which I've managed a couple of times (or Fast Track into FA a Nisei, which I haven't managed :( ). If they run somewhere else, FA another agenda or leave it there. If they do run it, you can probably tax them out enough running through the server, then score in the remote next turn (possibly with another couple advancements on the Colossus protecting it).

In terms of the silver bullets, very few of them are completely useless in any match-up, and you're already playing a very slow, patient game, so it doesn't feel too slowed down, though more econ to get me through the early game would possibly be useful.

As for ice placement and more detailed strategy...I'm not actually a very good corp player so I never got that far in planning. General points like try to have something spiky on the outside of HQ and RnD for Turning Wheel, put something nasty on Archives to catch people out, Colossus works much better not on the inside of a server, try to spread out your Kakugos so running anywhere is painful (you don't generally want to funnel them anywhere because you can't win quick enough off it). The rest depends on match-up. Unfortunately you need to get down your ice as you find it, since discouraging runs early is important, so you often won't have perfect ice placement. As for how to win, build a lovely scoring remote (I find that Susanoo on inside with a couple of DNA Trackers works well) then throw stuff in there, either as never advance or install advance advance. They normally can't get in that much, and you can do a little bit of FAing once you have some points. You can try scoring earlier if you think they can't get in because: a) they need lister/similar and you have navi in there b) you just removed their breakers from the game c) they're really low on credits and you don't suspect stimhack d) they're really low on credits/cards and you're pretty sure they think you're on punitive e) they just installed Guru Divinder and the agenda is Obokata, etc. But generally you need to not stretch yourself too thin.

21 Mar 2018 johnofarc

Did you meant to say you were IAA'ing Reconstruction Contract?

21 Mar 2018 lilelia

@johnofarcI did, and now that I read it more carefully after you ask that I see that that was probably cheating :( In my defence, people did it against me first (though not at this tournament).

21 Mar 2018 johnofarc

ah lol, ok. That makes more sense! I tried your deck on Jinkeki and that was the first card I took out. :P Nice deck still.