Tyler Durden [v2]

enkoder 433

Click one By Any Means, an open R&D, Titanium Ribs, Clan Vengance and 2 Respirocytes installed. Run three times trashing a breaker, maybe an unnecessary Hacktivist, and lastly the lone I've Had Worse whcih draws 5 cards because of your synth blood. You trashed 3 cards, who cares what they were, because you just drew into your boy Fisk and now you've got 5 homies on your back staring down the corp with vengance in their eyes.

Its a thing of beauty. Might seem farfetched, but its not uncommon to have those turns. Don't let the corp execute their game plan. Instead, you run the show, you dictate the pace, and you choose when the corp can score agendas.

Thanks Andrej from the Metropole for the initial decklist and perfect name.

20 Mar 2018 Gerrark

Lllllllllllllloving this decktype. Been trying this baby out a fair amount and it works so much better than I expected. I think I found a new favorite runner archtype, thanks for posting!

21 Mar 2018 Valranoth

I've swapped the Hacktivist Meeting for System Outage, just to keep the pressure on. Do you have any preference? Would you run Rumor Mill, now that it's unbanned?

23 Mar 2018 enkoder

Hey `@Valranoth, in terms of changes I have been thinking about -1 Hacktivist Meeting -1 Same Old Thing +2 Rumor Mill. Its a meta call though. System outage is super interesting, but think Hacktivist is the right call in most metas. Assets pretty much crush this deck and you need an answer for 'em.

29 Mar 2018 kyuss

@enkoderwhich are the cards you think actually its a meta call for Rumor Mill ??