Palana Austere Midrange (5-1 Trotta's SC)

Brototurret 564

This deck went 4-1 on the day winning against Apoc Kim , Geist , Stealth Smoke , Origami Wu , while losing to Saetzero's Reavershop Wu (

I personally love playing midrange decks , especially a tempo midrange deck. With the way runners are built right now , midrange corps have a hard time closing a game. Knowing this , I went into the design of this deck looking to mitigate that weakness. That's where MCAAP comes in.

MCAAP is absolutely wonderful in this deck. It's a must trash asset that compresses the runner's time while building up its counters. You force the runner through expensive ice in order to get to it , opening up windows to score the agenda that you were probably going to FA out with it anyways. There's a lot less clot in the wild right now (although Titan FA will probably change that) , so MCAAP is in a great spot.

NGO is NGO. If you're a corp looking to advance agendas in a server , you want 3x of these in your deck. Even if you're a FA corp , you probably want these anyways. What's particularly awesome with NGO here is as soon as the runner sees one of these , every single thing you IAA now gives the runner a tough decision. They have to respect both Obokata and NGO , so the runner needs both cards and money to get through your server just to potentially get NGO'ed. This seems like the whole "Jinteki Mindgaemz !" thing that never works out , but it's inherently a different beast as NGO has zero downside whereas busted traps have a massive drawback.

Ice is fat and expensive to break consistantly. Chiyashi goes on your remote , your first or second Kakugo goes on your remote depending on matchup. Fill with DNA trackers as needed. Rototurret is in the deck because of Batty. Having an ETR sentry isn't seen that often in Jinteki as well , so that's a plus. Miraju goes on HQ , unless you're against indexing. Anansi has been an allstar as well. 9cr for MKUltra to break it unless they want to take 3 net and give you a value sub. Typically 6cr for Na'Not'K. Anansi can't be IJ'ed or Femmed either.

"3x Code , 2x Batty ? Why not 3x Batty , 2x Code ? You know the runner can just jack out after code , yeah ?"

Code Replicator ALWAYS does what I want it to do. If the runner breaks and passes a Chiyashi and then jacks out , it's ETRing. If they break it twice , it's costing them 7 more credits for my 2 credits. Both of these results are favorable for this deck. Batty has a 66% chance of effecting gamestate. Code Replicator has 100% chance of effecting gamestate in a positive way for me. CR also has the added bonus of being able to deal with Nexus decks , which might be on their way back.

"Why not Ben over Code Replicator ?"

Ben does nothing to protect MCAAP. Code Replicator protects anything I want it to protect. Making your MCAAPs hard to get is just as important as making your agendas hard to get.

There is 1 floating influence left , and you can make a case for Crisium Grid. I didn't slot it as I prefer 17 ice in a deck like this. You could cut something to slot 1 in if you'd like. Genotyping is also a pretty great call for this deck , to get back MCAAPs or other defensive upgrades. There's some wiggle room for customization depending on your meta and personal tastes.