Funny Sunny

Reion 1

Feels good to go fast. Emergent Creativity has been doing so much work, leading to wins against rush Corps with an early SecNex. The Femme is a new addition and won me one game so far.

Inside Job has always been a pet card in all my Sunny decks since it also helps against rush and since you're likely to start with SecNex out early, You can get past 2 ice remotes handily.

White Hat helps Sunny keep the Corp in check. Slow the Corp down by shuffling Agendas (if they're trying to FA or score fast) or you could shuffle Ice to keep servers small. Rarely ever a bad card to play.

Feedback Filter was added because everyone at my lgs didn't like that I was playing Guru Davinder. Guru's better just saying.

Overmind saved me from Mother Goddess. I like cards that save me.