Where There's a Will, There's a Wuay

manicmoleman 448

This is the first deck idea I had for Wu, and I've enjoyed playing around with it. The basic plan is to Deep Data Mine as often as possible and pressure the remote when needed. I really like Wu's ability; as you have access to so much of your deck, every server is a puzzle you can crack!

The basic 'combo' is to use Kongamato and Grappling Hook to get through any piece of ICE on R&D. Brahman and Scavenge are here to support Wu's ability, allowing you to keep programs installed by Wu's ability around, but don't install Brahman if you don't need it. D4v1d, Lady, and Cyber-Cypher are all great candidates for these two cards, as you can recharge / re-target them.

Perhaps a slightly unusual inclusion in a rush deck is Professional Contacts, but I was finding that I was clicking to draw a lot and generally poor which the card helps resolve.

An interesting awkwardness with the deck is ensuring that you have 4 MU free when you Deep Data Mine. This means that you can't really Wu for Grappling Hook and and play DDM against unrezzed ICE, as the Corp might not rez to deny you an access. That's why Cyberdelia and Dhegdheer are in here, with Dhegdheer also meaning that you can pull Chameleons and Grappling Hooks out of you deck for 0 credits with Wu's ability.

Takobi has proved itself reasonably useful in some games to support Chameleon. It's an interesting card which I'll keep testing, but can probably be cut.

The deck tries to win quick enough before glacier or asset-heavy based decks have a chance to setup, so keep the pressure up and Deep Data Mine often!