Death and Taxes Palana (6th at Boardwalk Games SC)

severininfurs 48

Heavily based on the ALL THE MONEY! build by is44ru from Canada Nationals, I decided to bring Palana Glacier to my recent SC.

The deck feels fair and is actually pretty decent at scoring out early with all the nasty ice you can rez. The agenda suite is excellent and performed well for me, and the few tweaks I did for the local meta paid off as I got some spicy hits off of Enforcing Loyalty.

Anyhow, here is the tournament report: Round 1: (Loss vs Chelana Kabonesa Wu) Started with a huge amount of econ, so I was able to ice up and set up a scoring server early for when my agendas started coming. Got my Obokata scored, netting my opponent his 2 Fan Sites, making me suspect an Artist Colony or Shadow Net was on the way...until he installed Liberated Chela. Scored the first Chela before I could advance out the Genetic Splicer I drew into, and scored the second Chela the next turn...again, with the Genetic Splicer unscored. Install advance advance'ed my final agenda as my opponent Index'ed into an SSL for the win, as I had my Miraju on HQ instead of R&D.

Game 2: (Timed Win vs Adam) My runner game went long, so we only had 15 minutes left. Scored out an early Obokata as he wasn't able to get his econ quickly enough to contest my remote. I also drew into my Snare!s early, which punished him for checking HQ. Oh, this game I also Enforcing Loyalty'ed his Liberated Accounts when he was down to 1c left, that was a blast.

All in all, I think I still would have won had I had more time, as Adam tends to only have limited runs and this deck forces repeated runs. However, it is hard to know for sure without having been able to play it through, and we both likely would've played differently had we had more time to play the match out.

Game 3: (Win vs Impfinity Kim) Our resident janklord was testing a Friday Chip / Imp build, but I was able to glacier up enough and started scoring pretty early. He wasn't able to draw into any of his breakers, and my 3x Celebrity Gift start let me rez anything essentially, so he died on a last ditch effort on HQ against an Anansi without his killer.

Game 4: (Loss vs RNG Key Val) Played a close game against a RNG Key Val deck. He conceded an early SSL behind 2x Kakugo that he thought was a Gene Splicer, which let me take an early lead. I put Miraju on HQ to try and prevent an early flood but he continued to break it while I was still (relatively) poor, so it remained unrezzed for a while. I did get up to match-point at 6 pts, but by the time I found out he was on RNG Key, I couldn't find my second Miraju to stick on R&D and he Mad Dash'ed and Turntable'd away the Philotic for one of my SSL's to win the game.

The deck feels good, and it's fun hoarding money and then rezzing all the expensive ice. Anansi is amazing and one of my favorite new cards. The only thing I really wish I had done differently is I wish I had tested more to fully understand the subtleties of Miraju. Code Replicator can be good, but sometimes it is just an ETR as they jack-out. Marcus Batty is better in most situations, I think. Both of my losses were close and could've potentially been wins had I just had a Miraju on R&D instead of HQ.