Asa-Asay What's the Big Idea? (1st place @ 2 different SC)

Tomasaki 52

Remember when @beyoken came up with "Jammy HB"?

Remember Engineering the Future?

Neither do I.

This deck is way more fun that it might look. Never-advance your Elective Upgrades, force your opponent to let Architect fire and re-install Marcus Batty for the win. It's classic HB value and unassuming assets that should be considered high-powered threats, fast advance, never advance, and always advance your way to victory.

Credits to @shmeguy for telling me to cut IP Blocks for Batty, and credit to @ila for helping me to decide to include Fairchild 2 instead of Ichi (Ichi sucks in this meta rn, thanks to conspiracy breakers, otherwise he'd be in the list).

This deck managed to get me two wins in some pretty low-key tournaments (including one where I came in 6th in swiss but two of the top four decided to drop), but hey! A wins a win, amiright?

Please play this deck, though, it's fun.