Three Steps of Unscheduled Maintenance

jase2224 311

This is the latest deck that I came up with for my favorite runner ID in A:NR. Most people in Colorado got used to the Gang Sign/HQI/Maw combo that I ran until criminal econ went away. Against players that doesn't know what this deck will be doing with the Equivocation it can just end games quickly. Otherwise, when players see what you are doing or know the deck, they will heavily ice up centrals, giving you time to get things set up and have a turn or two making a lot of runs where you see a lot of cards.

On the day, I faced two Titan FA/kill winning one and losing the other. Then I lost to Rick who eventually won and had brought the same Titan FA deck I brought (which I shared with him a few days prior to the tournament). For the 4th round, I won against a CI Punitive kill deck by milling the corp out. Fortunately, this was caught in stream and will be uploaded later when the video from the tournament is posted with a permalink to twitch and shared through ABR.

In the cut, I only got to play once against the same player who I played round two on the Titan FA/kill hybrid. I lost after both of us were at 5 points (scoring 3 points during one turn in my runs on R&D) and having to use my last click to run HQ where the Atlas counter had placed the last Atlas in hand and one Atlas with a counter so I had a 2/9 chance to win. I accessed an Enigma and lost from a BL Atlas score.

With the Titan FA being the new hotness running around, this deck was a great meta call, but was a blast to play. Unscheduled Maintenance really slows the tempo of the corp (and makes people question why they even bother playing with ICE), and the DDOS/Mobius/Doppelganger combo runs gave the two times I saw Three Steps Ahead gave me 8 and 12 credits in a turn.

Next steps for testing will be to cut the SoTs and a turtle for Caches to make things a little more consistent, and of course once we get the need Account Siphon I feel this deck can be even more competitive. However, if you love playing Leela or just want to have some running where the corp gets flooded with cards and no easy choices, then this is the deck for you!