Diversified Assets v2

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elrodogg 7

Second version of my Tennin deck. Like the first, this deck works is designed for adaptability but is a little more streamlined. It tries to win through scoring agendas or through damaging the runner.

All agendas do damage or tax money in some manner or do both. ICE is designed to be tricksy, force runners into traps, etc. It's a little pricey, but I tried to keep the burst econ cheap to play but have alot of recurring credits that are high cost for the runner to trash. They also help with diversified assets and just throwing out tons of remote servers to keep the runner guessing.

3 May 2014 JDalart

I think this deck would play better as replicating perfection. Tennin Institute doesn't really want to have too many assets, you will never get to use your ability which is important. The taxing ice is a good idea but i would probably rely on a more operation based econ. My two cents =).