ctz 2254

I know what you are thinking. This won't work. There is no way in Jangus that this will work. Ye of little faith. Give it a go and you'll be surprised.

This one came from our stream. I was trying to make mass install eXer work and it just didn't. So I naturally resorted to price of freedom nonsense in Leela. But I figured, hey, there is some other BS in shaper. This is what came out of it.

Tips to playing this monster:

  • Slam the Jam to clear scarcity or after their first agenda score

  • You are always looking to Liberate that Chela right after their first agenda score

  • Tri-Maf is in lieu of Mopus. Use this to get money for your noto combo or remote lock end of game

  • Use Film Critic to avoid the Source cost. Lmao I messed this up many times so you don't have to

Have some goddamn fun. This one is an absolute blast to play

29 Mar 2018 Sanjay

Have you considered Exploratory Romp for this deck? Seems like it would patch up some weaknesses.

Seems good otherwise though. I'm undefeated with it.

29 Mar 2018 ctz

@Sanjayyou know we REALLY tested that on the stream and it just didn't make the cut for us. BUT, in a fully mushin or tenin meta, you KNOW it is coming back #rompLyf3

29 Mar 2018 cranked

“Are you guys silly? I’m still gonna jam it.” - CTZ, 2018

31 Mar 2018 neuropantser

this deck is guaranteed at least 1 sick rip per game thanks to meme power

1 Apr 2018 ctz

Update: I got 2nd with this deck at an SF gnk so it really works