Swan 395

Version 5 or whatever, sometimes good shaper breakers and indexing are enough to win, only loss today was mogo titan

3 Apr 2018 igrekk

Last time you promised no akshara in next variant)

4 Apr 2018 Swan

Sorry, i couldn't think of anything better

4 Apr 2018 Swan

You got an idea?

4 Apr 2018 igrekk

I'm rather curious about efficiency of this combo

7 Apr 2018 wait what

@Insanit Beth Kilrain-Chang is a generally good econ Connection (I assume you want a Connection so that she can turn The Price of Freedom on)

11 Apr 2018 Swan

@igrekk It's a one click, two card combo that can push back the corp winning by a turn, timing it often feels difficult but can mean the difference between getting that critical CS run

@wait what Since this is a tag me deck none of the eight resources are things I ever intend on having installed on the corp's turn