Murder She Wrote

pj20 1396

I've been mostly playing "fair" Netrunner lately with a Jinja Glacier Azmari, so I decide to completely flip the switch and play something that doesn't even attempt to score agendas. This deck has been murdering people (both literally killing people and winning a ton of games). I haven't been playing long enough to see the glory days of IG with Jackson and Museum, but I think this cycle has some tailor made IG cards.

Urban Renewal, Genotyping, Anansi & Bacterial Programming are just STUPID cards in this deck.

Get your Genetics Pavilion and Hostile Infrastuctures out as early as possible, as they are annoying to trash even without the ability. Then just start jamming Bio-Ethcis & Urbans until they die.

Genotyping is insane, but it works best if they've already attempted to clear archives, as now you will have face-up targets to shuffle back in (ideally trashed kill cards, money & your current).

I've won more than a handful of games just by people panic running into an Anansi and not being able to break, either bc Blacklist is out or they were expecting something smaller.

Since Employee Strike really hurts your gameplan, the 3x Enforced Curfew are there for cheap, and they can really help if you already have an Urban Renewal and Bio-Ethics out.

The Mumbad was just a cheeky include... it either does absolutely nothing bc it's too expensive to trash (ironic) or you can punish them for MANY credits if they built up some money. Bonus points if you have your Hostiles out.

The icing on the cake is definitely Bacterial Programming though, which when it fires (aka is stolen bc we're not about actually scoring here) can be a game-winner. You have the option to get up to SEVEN cards directly into archives, or key cards into your hand, or even better.... to disrupt Multi-access. I had a game today at a GNK where he DDM'd, hit a Snare! card 2, Bacterial card 3. Was able to rearrange so he hit the same Snare! again for card 4 before death next turn.

This deck is actually pretty damn good, and it doesn't require a ton of money to make work either. The Breaker Bay targets are definitely the Hostile Infrastructures and if you install Bankers at the right time it will basically be trash-proof.

3 Apr 2018 vor_lord

Mumbad Virtual Tour in IG. Liked.

I miss Chairman Hiro though.

10 Apr 2018 Celephaishs

What do you think of maybe dropping the Mumbad and one Curfew to add in Gene Splicer? Might be able to bait an NGO front with an IAA and deals some extra damage. It'll only work once, and we're not really scoring agendas here - but just a thought!

Love the deck, it's exactly what I want to be playing right now, and my initial test run led me to some wins even when I was playing terribly.

10 Apr 2018 pj20

@Celephaishs I'm definitely not opposed to dropping the MVT, it's easily the most swingy card in the deck. The changes I've made since the new pack came out:

-2 Tech Startup, -2 IPO +3 Rashida Jaheem, +1 PAD Campaign

However, I think you need 3x Enforced Curfew for sure, or at least a cheap current to clear Employee Strike, which really messes up the deck. As for NGO and Gene Splicer, I think you'd probably need to include both, or the bait just won't be there.

11 Apr 2018 Celephaishs

Yeah, I played two games with Gene Splicer and if they just don't run it, it's a full turn wasted.

I like the look of Rashida, but I got a decent bit of use from Tech Startup so will probably leave them alone. I'm getting some face-to-face games in this weekend so am looking forward to seeing how it plays there as opposed to Jinteki.

16 Apr 2018 Celephaishs

I've been playing a few more games with this, and have dropped the Mumbad and Commercial Bankers from your list to add 2x Daily Business Show.

Found I had plenty of money without the Bankers, and DBS lets us put the agendas at the bottom but leaving 5 shuffles in the deck with Tech Startup and Genotyping if some important stuff ends up down there.

And 100%, 3x Enforced Curfew is necessary!

17 Apr 2018 Sabin76

Is DBS that good in IG, though? Aside from hiding an agenda, you aren't netting any more cards in hand, and you almost WANT them to hit the BP. I'd rather use those slots for real draw (Anonymous Tip?). It's on of the things I'm thinking of tooling around with for this deck, since I miss Jackson so much in IG. I like Rashida, though...

I used to run Turtles in IG and was wondering about swapping the IPOs for that, but Rashida might just perform both roles (draw and econ) good enough by her self to not need any more.

I'm thinking -1 MVT, -2 IPO, +3 Rashida.

Then there's the Critical problem that might need an answer, but then agenda density is so low it probably won't come up often enough to warrant tech. Voter Intimidation seems like solid tech, but then I want to add shi.kyu (it already jives with the philotic if they aren't running facedown cards) and have no clue what to cut :(.

17 Apr 2018 pj20

@Sabin76 Rashida is absolutely a fit here, see my changes above. I don't think the IPO's are necessary either, but if you're adding Turtles I'd cut the Bankers. Not sure what you'd do with the extra influence but I'd like to hear suggestions.

I haven't found FC to be toooo much of a problem, but getting a Bacterial or two to fire is pretty crucial so I could see teching for it.