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ElderMason 1236

Today I am launching a campaign to get people to financially endorse a renovation of this website. We all want this website to run at peak efficiency, so we need to respond to this latest outage with an investment from you, the investors! If you analyze the server we just need everyone to pitch in a few dollars.

If you don't want a paywall, pop-ups, or commercials so that @alsciende (he's not trying to make a profit) can keep this website afloat then we need to demonstrate that we can help him restructure before there is another overload!

4 Apr 2018 BlackCherries

Deserves front-page.

4 Apr 2018 Dazzler

This needs to be decklist of the week.

4 Apr 2018 BizTheDad

Commenting so it becomes decklist of the week.

4 Apr 2018 BizTheDad

Thanks for making this as it made me realize I'd never donated. I felt appalled at that given how much I use this site.

4 Apr 2018 dodgepong

I've donated to Alsciende before, but I did it again anyway. This is too valuable a resource to the Netrunner community to lose, and we owe a lot to him for making and maintaining it.

4 Apr 2018 dodgepong

For those wondering, you can donate by sending money via Paypal to, or just click the link at the bottom of this page.

4 Apr 2018 BizTheDad

It's also worth noting the effect this has had on other LCG communities. Other communities have used this website as a model for their deck-building sites.

4 Apr 2018 spags

Give here, and give to JNET.

4 Apr 2018 presheaf

A shameless karma grab, but it's for a great cause! Liked, subscribed, and donated.

5 Apr 2018 Sidehatch

This deck has inspired me to contribute.

6 Apr 2018 Linger

great deck! must try.

7 Apr 2018 RepoRogue

Awesome message! Terrible agenda density :P

7 Apr 2018 Street_Pea

Donates, as per previous comments I use this all the time, so well worth the donation! Keep it up!

7 Apr 2018 m3lonoscopy

Have the money! Thanks @alsciende

8 Apr 2018 msbekk

I'm all for donating, but I'm not really sure what this person is taking about. I don't think there's anything about nrdb or something the creator can do that could have prevented what happened from what I understand. His web host suffered some catastrophic event.

Donate money if you want to, but no money or "restructuring" will have an effect on future site availability per the stated reason from April 1 from what it looks like.

So just donate simply because it's cool and extremely helpful and you want to support it.

9 Apr 2018 dodgepong

We know that there wasn't a monetary reason for NRDB being down and that it was out of Alsciende's hands, and more donations wouldn't prevent that particular issue in the future.

That isn't the point, though. The point is that NRDB's outage was a good opportunity to remember just how valuable a resource it is to the community, and Alsciende deserves our support and thanks for keeping it running. Personally, I was trying to find some teaching decks to help a friend learn the game during NRDB's outage, and it was a lot more difficult. I don't want to take this site for granted, so I want to support it however I can. In this case, it means happily making another donation to support its continued operation.

9 Apr 2018 msbekk

I understand. I don't mean to be a downer or dissuade anybody from donating at all. All, please do!

"We all want this website to run at peak efficiency, so we need to respond to this latest outage with an investment from you, the investors!"

This just sounded to me like "if you donate, you'll be helping keep this from happening again." which didn't seem to be entirely factual to me.

10 Apr 2018 Chiphead404

Is there a way to do automatic monthly payments like with patreon?

10 Apr 2018 AV8R

so flavorful

10 Apr 2018 Scoogsy

Donated. Keep up the amazing work. Thank you!!!

14 Apr 2018 tonybluehose

Also tossed in some credits. It's good to remind the community every now and then that it's okay to pay (what you can) for the things that you use.

As much as I use Jnet and Netrunnerdb, they've earned and deserve my money.