Do You Fear Death, Mrs. Kaplan?

Uruz 590

I had a love-hate relationship with Pawnshop Apex after the "we can do what with assimilator?" wore off. Assembling Exodia while that titan train left the station just felt bad. I thought maybe I'd have to put my boy down until R&R. . .  


Wait a minute, Lizzie and Ridley are virtual!


Oh Really?


So it's pirate hats all around, breaking cameras and servers and generally just making a mess of things.

4 Apr 2018 presheaf

This is actually pretty cool. Seems like a waste not to squeeze in a DDOS, though, seeing as you're playing Apoc.

4 Apr 2018 gallilama

@Uruz I was searching for alternatives to Pawnshop Apex. Thank you for sharing this deck.

One suggestion, update this list to use Sure Gamble from Revised Core Set, you've got the Core Set version listed.

4 Apr 2018 gallilama

@Uruz To be more clear, use this Sure Gamble instead of Sure Gamble, and the message about this deck not being tournament legal should go away. Cheers!

5 Apr 2018 cripplingselfdoubt

Just here to drop a heart and say I had a lot of fun being repeatedly kicked by this deck.

5 Apr 2018 Greasythumb

I played against this and it seemed to have trouble recovering from its own Apocalypse. I wonder if there's a non-Apocalypse version that can apply more even pressure. Possibly you could use Prey to leverage your disposable breakers.

6 Apr 2018 Uruz

@presheafyeah, but as always finding the influence is tough. @Greasythumb I've been encountering this a lot against HB specifically. I'm starting to just facedown them in that matchup.

12 Apr 2018 Blonde Haired Hacker Girl

I ran a similar list for ages, and I found apoc more of a panic button than something you want to cast every game, as it cripples you as much if not more than the corp usually. (I thought I ran conspiracy breakers).

Lack of multi-access makes me wince a bit, wheel is virtual, and what closed a lot of games out for me, sure cam can see if there's an agenda on top of R&D, but how about hand? Especially a rush corp that will draw aggressively as you set up.