[IMPsert Wu Pun Here]

Pinkwarrior 2208

Fast setting up Wu deck using a maximum of 2 SMC's the deck gets it's econ and breaker suite setup.

Usual SMC for Magnum Opus to setup econ then SMC for a Dhegdheer to save money and to ensure you have enough MU. then take a turn out to go get every Conspiracy breaker hosting on Dheg to reduce the search by 2 trashing all of them as you search for the next one ending with a search for Chameleon which will return to your hand afterwards.

Scavenge can help setup the Magnum Opus cheaper and can be used with Imp later to deal with stuff like Obakata and Ben.

Ubax to let you draw clicklessly while you make Opus money Chameleon and Net-Ready Eyes to make certain ICE cheaper or to help if you lose a breaker to Ark Maven can also help their

Equivocation & The Turning Wheel for multi access

4 Apr 2018 Robotron5673

I don't feel like inserting wu puns today....