Denial "Anarch" [Modded]

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PureFlight 1014


Modded is a new fan-made format that's an ideal entry point into the game.

My local group just finished our "CoreTara League", where we could play Modded decks and get Prestige (league pts) for playing a new ID, playing against a new person, and wins. After ~8 weeks of play, prizes were given out to anyone who participated.

The Deck

Truthfully, this iteration is untested. I previously had FAO instead of the Grants, and I made room for eXer+SacCon for some R&D pressure. My earlier version had 3x Diesel instead of just 1, as well. So this deck will be slow and plodding as big rig tends to be. If you can survive until the late game you're golden.

If you're not familiar, combos include:

The White Nile / Crest meta for Modded has been corp-favored, as runners got niche rig pieces from these early data packs while corps got big glacier-enabling tools and great econ options. As a meta choice, econ denial runners might be a bad choice because corps are relatively rich. That said, the format as a whole isn't as rich as standard, so Reina is theoretically much more relevant.