Apoc Steve

TyrellCorp 356

I have been playing this a lot on Jnet and trying out different versions, I'm fairly happy with this version at the moment, some of my opponents kinda have hated it, and for that I'm almost somewhat sorry. The basic idea is to avoid interacting with any and all ice to the largest degree possible, get enough money together to bypass everything and land that Apocalypse before the corp can build up too much ice on centrals, then do that again. Use Steve's ability to recur econ cards or whatever you need right then, sneakdoor after they ice hq to trigger steve some more, Feint DDoS or whatever else has to be done to land that apoc. Oddly enough, On the Lam survives an apoc, as far as I know the only other card that does that is Architect.

The best Steve trick of all is having two apocs in the bin and running hq last, getting one back just in time. Just try not to access a Snare right after doing that.

Sac Cons are to keep the Tapwrm on the board for at least one turn, sometimes many. Independent Thinking lets you trash all those facedowns post-apoc and draw up. Alternatives include a second DDoS (which is like having a third one as well because you can then force-steve one back), or The Maker's Eye just to have any R&D multiaccess at all, although what I really could have used today was a Notoriety. Whatever you do don't un-slot that third Apoc to get some influence back because at that point you are doing some other thing that probably involves an actual breaker suite and ice interactions, which you should rarely be doing plus you already have Overmind for that. Mammon is a reasonable alternative, Crypsis less so but it's not terrible. Versions of this deck with a breaker suite should probably use the central breakers, but that version saw less success than this one in my rather extensive testing.

Toughest things to deal with are HHN (always install On the Lam), and Guard which fortunately nobody plays except me. You can always steve back the cards pinged out of your hand by small damage, and for bigger damage you have at least one On the Lam installed. You just gotta draw up to eat that Obakata though.



8 Apr 2018 h0bb35

Love the deck. Mammon is overall better than Overmind, though.

8 Apr 2018 TyrellCorp

I think you're probably right given how many times I've run out of Overmind counters or at least wished I had more.

I think I started sticking with Overmind when I was still using Early Bird and thinking I might want to install and use it the same turn. There's also something to be said for Crypsis's self-trash ability making it re-Steve-able before the apoc.

10 May 2018 hemraa

@TyrellCorp Looks good. What is Logos doing for you? And do you miss effects like Doppelgänger or Early Bird to give you extra clicks on your Apoc turns?