Sandwich Dyper (1st-place NZ nationals)

cyberewok 396

This deck had a 6-1 (unofficial) record at New Zealand nationals (21 players). It was made in collaboration with Ben Stanley (@Potat) and inspired by @rotage's Dyper v5.0 and the various Origami, Game Day engines. The deck has high variance in setup time but typically is ready to combo ~turn 7. A good combo turn consists of ~23 unique accesses. Expect to have to think on your toes and get creative as the list is very fragile and has particular trouble vs spiky cards (Snares, Sappers, self protecting agendas...).

Positive match-ups: most non-spiky and non-FA corps, opponents who don't know what you're doing

Neutral match-ups: FA (it can be a bit of a coin flip who sets up first)

Negative match-ups: Anything spiky or that can setup centrals we can't deal with by turn 7

Some tips:

1) saving Freelance for click one can cause the corp to think they have a scoring window

2) use Wu for more than the SMCs; a Grappling Hook or breaker early game can often get you an agenda

3) vs FA decks consider saving a SMC for Clot if you have a slow start

4) Game Day is the only thing you care about when deciding to mull

5) if you expect to take damage hold on to redundant combo pieces and save an S.O.T.

6) Brahman can get you back an Upya or Equivocation for post Apoc

7) Escher is useful for things besides Architect; you can avoid having to access HQ

8) Endless Hunger is not an AI

9) opponents with Atlas counters can reduce the density of agendas in R&D after we pad their hands

10) the entire breaker suite and tech programs are meta dependent

11) don't reduce the program density of this deck

How does the deck work? (rough guide):

1) click for 1-2 credits if no Origamis in hand

2) install all Origamis

3) draw till Game Day or S.O.T.

4) Game Day if you have deck left and low hand size

5) Freelance 5 programs

6) install nec. things for the match-up/game state

7) decide if you need to put pressure on (i.e. will you combo before they score out or lock you out?)

8) if you don't have an entire combo and the right amount of credits for the game state go to 2)

9) pop Hyperdrivers (most match-ups only need 2; the third can be used in setup)

10) run centrals using the Clone Chips /DaVinci /pre-installs to get successful runs

11) Apoc and triple Encore

12) install Sareen and Equivocation

13) install Upyas in the ideal way

14) run R&D ~21 times for the agenda or mill win

9 Apr 2018 blindidiotgod

It's a helluva experience, being on the receiving end of this deck. I am unsure how to possibly go faster than it's greased lightning speed.

9 Apr 2018 rotage

Congrats on the result, did you ever use analogue dreamers?

9 Apr 2018 cyberewok

@rotage I didn't use it once for anything except Freelance food. It was in there so I could Wu it out and contest a suspected 3/2 agenda in a well protected remote if R&D is not well protected. The use case is niche but has been relevant when I have played other Wu builds.

9 Apr 2018 locusshifter

This deck should really be renamed Dyper Sandwich. ;)

9 Apr 2018 x3r0h0ur

I'm really glad you didn't decide to reverse the name of this deck.

9 Apr 2018 Ghost Meat

Congrats again on 1st, Robyn! I'm both sad and a bit relieved that I didn't face this deck in the finals, haha. You are a mad scientist, and I love it.

9 Apr 2018 Matt500

I'm liking this deck except its shaper and theres no run based economy. I will eventually play this though. nice job!

9 Apr 2018 dr00

I was both lucky and unlucky not to be able to play against this monster of a deck. But I did get to watch it in all its glory in the final. Congrats again, Robyn!

14 Apr 2018 tonybluehose

Where is this incomparison to Dyper decks of yore? Same power level? If you are a HB glacier deck, can you play your way out of this thing? Was never a fan of Dyper--even if it had its place in the game.

15 Apr 2018 cyberewok

Hi. Interesting question. @rotage would be able to give much better insight into this. I think it is a lot less powerful then original Dyper builds; it feels more fragile and less versatile. The loss of Faust makes it worse then the Dyper 5.0 type builds too. Current popular corps (besides Palana or anything with snares) do not have too many cards that are troubling for it, so the meta (or atleast NZ meta) is in an OK place for the deck to have a positive win rate. HB glacier has a tough time. The best case is getting flooded and the runner not realising and there not being enough agendas in R&D.

16 Apr 2018 RepoRogue

I'm confused by your reference to Brahman being able to "get you back" an Upya or Equivocation post-Apoc. Cards turned facedown by Apoc have no text or types, and so cannot be targeted by Brahman's ability. Do you mean that you can use Brahman to return a card to the top of your deck after you've used Wu's ability to tutor it? If so, then how are using that ability post-Apoc when there (is presumably) absolutely no ice to break?

16 Apr 2018 RepoRogue

Never mind, I just reread the passage that was confusing me and I realized you wrote "for post-Apoc." Whoops. Carry on.

17 Apr 2018 cyberewok

@RepoRogue Yea I should have been clearer. If you get some damage during central runs and it hits the last equivocation then you can get it back using brahman and a clone chip (if you suspect damage you may also or instead want to keep one of the clone chips in hand or save SOTs).

20 Apr 2018 manveruppd

Could you explain what "the ideal way" to install Upyas is?

20 Apr 2018 cyberewok

Hi @manveruppd thanks for the question I should have gone into detail on this in the write up. Basically you install them in the way to give you the most extra clicks. For example if you have 3 in hand and you haven't had a chance to install any during main combo turn but have the Sareen down, instead of playing all 3 first clicks of the first extra turn you should just play 1 of them. Then you can run 3 times and after install have a click left to get the double click (and play the last 2). This gives an extra click over all.