No Tech Skorp

massisi 187

This is the Skorp list I took to finish 1st at Stevenage SC. The list is essentially based on Laurie Poulter's list from Reading SC the only change I made was to swap the IPOs for beanstalks as I found the IPOs awkward to play and the difference in money made not really that relevant (I'd rather go poor to rez an ice so the beanstalk has more utlility).

This is primarily a rush deck and you just want to go as fast as you can, force the runner into finding their answers, although against some runners if they lack hunter seeker tech you can transition into a lockout deck. On the day it went 4-1 beating MaxX, 2 Vals and Geist with a loss to a smoke. Overall I feel like this deck is very well positioned against the popular runners, against Val you really punish their 50 card deck size with gear check spam and denying injects backed up by the threat of hunter seeker.

I dropped a game to a Smoke deck where they installed a Sac Con and FC early so my only plan was to lean hard on gearchecks but unfortunately instead of drawing different types of ice I just drew into more agendas and the smoke player cleaned up with a couple of legworks.

I called the deck No Tech Skorp because I haven't really been playing much recently and wasn't aware of all these pirates running rampant so when before the event I was asked what my tech for the match up was I simply replied "I have no tech". Luckily there is no justice in the world and there was no pirate Hayley (but there was a pirate Ken) at the event.

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