Couch Surfing [Modded]

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PureFlight 1028


Modded is a new fan-made format that's an ideal entry point into the game.

My local group just finished our "CoreTara League", where we could play Modded decks and get Prestige (league pts) for playing a new ID, playing against a new person, and wins. After ~8 weeks of play, prizes were given out to anyone who participated.

The Deck

In the Modded format, runners are currently starved for funds, which causes them to lag behind corps pretty heavily. When two big econ cards came out in The Devil and the Dragon, I immediately set out to see if I could make the most of those viable.

Falsified Credentials makes a lot of sense in 419, and so far I haven't had too much difficulty pulling them off as Gambles 4-6.

Rogue Trading, on the other hand, is unplayable without support. Without Citadel Sanctuary in the card pool, that support comes in the form of Crash Space. RT becomes sort of a Day-Job-on-a-stick, where you get 6 - decent value - for an unwieldy .

It's worth pointing out that both Punitive and Wake-Up Call are popular in Modded, so having 3x Crash Space is actually pretty helpful as a tech card.

I think the deck is okay in the format, with multiple Credit Kiting targets and a beefy Morning Star to ruin Hives and EULAs. Your late game is awesome with the UWCs, if you can survive that long. Hopefully the burst money with Special Order and Inside Job can threaten remotes early on, stalling to the late game.

17 Apr 2018 BlackCherries

Surprising that you would forego Zamba, I could easily see dropping a copy of Mr. Li for at least 1.

18 Apr 2018 PureFlight

@BlackCherries Oh yeah, duh. Zamba should definitely be in here.

I'd actually try:

  • -3 Easy Mark
  • +2 Zamba
  • +1 Credit Kiting (I've been having a lot of luck finding both Kitings each game to install Femme/Star, but if it's a 2x it might be hard to find both)

The Zamba gives so much extra MU, so now i'm not sure if I want the Dyson + UWC package. I guess it lets you keep a sneakdoor on the table, so that 's nice.

21 Apr 2018 fnurglewitz

This deck looks great, I'll try it with this modification: * -1 Mr. Li * -1 Crash Space * +2 Forged Activation Orders

Forged Activation Orders should work well with Falsified Credentials and can be pretty useful even alone (I think, I'm still a noob :P)

21 Apr 2018 PureFlight

@fnurglewitz You're right that FAO works well with the expose effects. FAO gets even better when paired with other econ denial effects, like Corporate "Grant".

Dropping Mr. Li is fine. My only concern with dropping a Crash Space is that you kinda need one in order to use your Rogue Trading and Credit Kiting. I found that with only 2x Crash Space I wasn't finding it consistently enough. I think you could drop one of the HQIs or Easy Marks if you're looking for something to cut.

22 Apr 2018 fnurglewitz

@PureFlight ok, I was thinking about Emergency Shutdown too but it seems too situational to be played effectively