Face Up Space Up

pj20 1446

This ID is pretty fun, but also very situational. I have no idea how this ID is supposed to work without City Works Project but good thing it doesn’t have to.

The idea of this deck is to get an early City Works out (preferably with a Casting Call) and then install a piece of space ice in front of it. Each turn, you slowly advance it, making it hard to steal while you build up insane amounts of counters on your ice.

The ice suite itself is decent, and with counters they either get way cheaper to rez (Asteroid Belt, Orion, Wormhole), much more powerful subs (Hortum, Mausolus, Colossus) or harder to break (Fire Wall, Ice Wall, Colossus).

Mass Commercialization is just bonkers with the amount of counters you can generate.

You will also notice that this deck has a mix of both FA & a kill plan.

While your City Works marinates, you can FA an Atlas with Reconstruction / Dedication Ceremony. Late game if you need that final score, you have the Biotics for RPC to score anything from hand. Or early if you want a stupid amount of Atlas counters.

If they decide to run and steal that City Works (without Film Critic hopefully), then they will be presumably: poorer because they had to break your Asteroid Belt and triple-advanced Colossus…. Have fewer cards in their hand because they ate 2-6 meat… and possibly tagged because you played Casting Call. Then both Boom! (or HHN then Boom!) and Punitive are both potentially online.

The Illegal Arms Factory is to help accelerate getting the pieces you need, although Rashida might be better.

I’m having fun with this ID, but any/all feedback is welcome!