The Legacy of Colonialism

Relenzo 63

Guys new meta for reals this time. Game is broke, FFG plz nerf.

Admittedly, I didn't actually score the Takeover. Yet. But I came extremely close every single game. And one time I totally boomed a guy right after he stole it.

Mass Commercialization used to be Commercialization, and I thought I was a genius until I realized Commercialization was rotated. RIP, card never got its finest hour. Mass Comm still good tho.

Realistically, this deck would be more consistent if you just switched out Takeover for a couple Hollywood Renovations. But guys. It's a better time to play Government Takeover than it's EVER BEEN BEFORE. In the HISTORY OF NETRUNNER. We are living in a very important time.

(For those who are newer: The idea here is that you get some money as fast as possible, preferably scoring a Hostile Takeover, then tutor up Government Takeover and use Casting Call to install it face-up behind two pieces of ice. Preferably with Oduduwa on the outside. You put six advancement counters on Oduduwa, which means if they try to run you can also sextuple-advance the innermost piece of ice, making a server most people will be incapable of getting into that early in the game. It can only really lose to Inside Job, Femme Fetale, Security Nexus, Stimhack, or Maxwell James. Or stealth breakers, possibly. (EDIT: Or Employee Strike)

Then you win in two turns as long as you draw Red Planet Couriers, which scores Takeover instantly.

Though you can't be afraid to cast out an SSL if you aren't drawing the combo pieces, it can work out okay.)

18 Apr 2018 zmb

Did you consider Dedication Ceremony? In my similar deck i use Localized Product Line to tutor all DC's so GT only is out for two turns.

18 Apr 2018 Relenzo

The problem last night was getting the money for the whole combo. I left Govt. out on the field for like turns and turns at a time, my opponent kept forcing me to rez credits until I could finally float five at the start of a turn to play Couriers. And this is more efficient in terms of deck slots.

18 Apr 2018 Cpt_nice

Shouldnt Hortum be an auto include?

18 Apr 2018 Relenzo

Well, in a normal SSO deck, yes. But we're playing jank. Hortum doesn't really benefit from having 6 advancement counters, as opposed to 3--it's still only a strength 4 codegate--and anyway I'm not super afraid of AI. I played against Amakua last night and it's pretty hard for the turtle to work up enough counters to pass firewall--or even Orion. But you could probably take out an Oduduwa for something else of your choice--thing is just so expensive.

18 Apr 2018 rex_monolith

What about code replicator or priority construction. Both would work really well with Oduduwa ??

18 Apr 2018 rex_monolith

.... or The Twins to make use of the extra copies of Oduduwa ??

18 Apr 2018 Relenzo

In general, there's a lot of defensive upgrades that play pretty nicely with SSO decks. I personally was trying to find space for Old Hollywood Grid for a time, since it always works with Government Takeover :P

Code Replicator is probably really good in SSO, just in general, because you have a few very big pieces of ice. Personally, I ended up taking out all of my defensive upgrades for money and card draw, but I'm not saying that's necessarily the right call, and if you're playing normal SSO a couple Replicators would probably go down well.

18 Apr 2018 EnderA

My vote would be 2x Biotic Labor so you can Biotic -> Install -> RPC Government Takeover.

18 Apr 2018 Relenzo

Yeah, but that would be a totally different play. You'd need to use OTHER 3-point agendas, build up 9 counters on your ice, and then spend 9 credits on the Biotic play.

It looks like zmb's list linked above might be more amenable to that. This deck is designed to jam Takeover immediately, which gives you counters on its own--and a big benefit being that it gives you six counters. And I find that it's much safer face-up in the remote than it is in HQ or R&D--because I generally haven't had much time to ice centrals.

18 Apr 2018 EnderA

Gotcha. How about Lateral Growth/Advanced Assembly Lines for some clickless credits installing ICE/Rashida/Stinson?

18 Apr 2018 Relenzo

I mean maybe. Assembly Lines could have some neat plays into Rashida. The economy was whatever I thought would gear me up to go the fastest. I considered stuff like Green/Blue Level too but eventually decided those cards weren't fast enough.

19 Apr 2018 SillySod

Would Punitive Counterstrike be more appropriate than BOOM!?

Same question for Dedication Ceremony and City Works Project (instead of couriers and SSL).

19 Apr 2018 Relenzo

Well, this is just my two cents.

I'm poor as crap after rezzing all the ice, so I'm going to stick with BOOM. It also makes Colossus a game-ending face-check is a large part of why it's there. They have to clear tags from that. Colossus is so nice to have in the deck--otherwise it's a lot of barriers they can face-plant to make you spend credits rezzing stuff.

Generally I am not actually going to score SSL. Or anything but Hostile and Takeover. I might even throw the SSL's in archives so that they can't get Turtle counters, but instead have to steal the SSL and give me money... But if you are going to go off-roadmap, there's enough casting calls in there that I can put stuff face-up.

19 Apr 2018 Relenzo

Well Punitive does have a certain appeal. Maybe 1x so you can Consulting either one?