Meth-Induced Partial Electronics Disassembly

Snake Eyes 4581


Get a bunch of tags through God of War, Rogue Trading, Jarogniew Mercs. Raise your handsize with Obelus and use MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock's inherent draw plus all the anarch draw events to fuel your run.

By Any Means Jarogniew Mercs, Counter Surveillance to trash ample cards from RnD or HQ, don't worry about triggering snares or whatever, everything just dies. Mid-Late game this is usually like +15 cards. Blow it all up with Apocalypse if you don't get your way... Or hey, Do the Apocalypse dance first, and then do a deep and dirty Counter Surv. run when everything is wide open. Amped Up and Stim Dealer both allow for pretty massive turns that way, with only some risk that you lose your combo pieces (and you have a lot of redundency in the deck so even if it does hit something, odds are you can still use it)

Race brain damage vs. Obelus' handsize with your friendly neighbourhood Stim Dealer. That extra click will let you safety Install/money/money off of Rogue Trading, or plop a DDoS from hand, to pop and facilitate something big like Apocalypse.

Use Amped Up liberally, it can turn Same Old Thing into Apocalypse, or give you extra juice off of a By Any Means, especially if in conjunction with Jarogniew Mercs/I've Had Worse/DDoS.


90% winrate on Jnet.

18 Apr 2018 mohaymen

I'm currently playing a omar version of with. Will definitely give this a try.

18 Apr 2018 Snake Eyes

Right on @mohaymen. I started this build off in Omar as well, but the win % difference is pretty staggering. (~45% in Omar...yuck.. vs 85% here)... Maybe some influence as well from Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer Apocalypse decks too (65% on Jnet)

Credit to watching a Spags game to convince me to rebuild this into MaxX (also crediting Stim Dealer), he was playing someone else's deck, haven't really looked for the source material online - his was using Dean Lister to boost God of War if needed though - slotting one or two of those badboys over here wouldn't be a terrible idea, but slots are pretty tight here - would need to see some more data.

After I publish I usually drop about ~10% online (either coincidence, bias from me only publishing stuff that sorta works and gets me wins during the first 20-30 games and the win % settling down to more normal values over time, or people read the decklist before playing against it and now have an advantage playing against it as they know all the cards/deck concept.

18 Apr 2018 zmb

I've played Counter Surveillance Maxx for quite a while, and also did the obvious include of Rogue Trading.

Consider dropping your Fall Guys and Wireless Net Pavilion for 3xDummy Box .

For me 3x Dean Lister is a must, and it synergizes nicely with your large Obelus hand-size!

Extra clicks with Stim Dealer and Amped Up are nice, but I find that playing 1) M4M, 2)CT, 3)DL, 4)CT-run works ok, and if you want to have a Dummy Box along with your Jarogniew Mercs you can protect a DL for a turn or two. With the extra card spaces you could install Acacia to profit when corp purges your hard earned GoW tokens ;)

Further inspiration here:

19 Apr 2018 PyWiz

I've also been on CS max for a while and this confirms my suspicions that the base combo is really bonkers. My build looks totally different (no Rogue Trading, totally different Resource package, extra draw and tech cards, etc.) but the core is the same. Currently 43-7 on Jnet so roughly the same winrate you mentioned. I keep thinking I'm going to run into something that crushes it but so far the only losses have to Skorp and a couple to AgInf. Maybe once people start teching against it things will get harder?