Drop your weapon! Triple pressure Alice

Seb 46

Hi, here is my new idea, it is not yet very refined, so I would really appreciate feedback!

The plan is to pressure all three centrals: Archive through Alice's ability, RnD with Exer and HQ with Bhagat and Hemorrhage. Hemorrhage together with the new console, Knobkierie, makes every successful run into a forced discard for the corp! Double so, if on archives! Crypt is for tutoring Hemorrhage or maybe Datasucker/Exer while you are running Archives (for Alice triggers). Cutlery is good at the moment. Economy is the usual Career Fair into Liberated Account and Peace in Our Time to recover from low credits. Stimhack into the remote if you must. Employee Strike is my current restricted card and so far it helped quite a bit. The Turning Wheel is also nice to have, because it synergizes with all the runs and you can use it to look at the remaining cards in HQ after you forced the crop to discard a lot or simply use it on RnD. So far, I have not used Rebirth, but I thought it might be useful...

What do you think? I still have 4 inf and I am on 53 cards. I fear, I can be taxed out easily from a solid remote or maybe rushed if I don't find my breakers early.

18 Apr 2018 BlackCherries

You'll have to decide if Knobkierie is really worth your console slot if your only targets are 1 Datasucker and 3 Hemorrhage and you certainly don't need the extra virus-. Maw synergizes sooo much better with Alice and is only a single more expensive while providing more than enough .

18 Apr 2018 Seb

Hm... maybe I need to add more viruses then... Imp maybe? I just thought the synergy with Hemorrhage is so nice... Ofc Maw is clickless and also random discard. What about Friday Chip instead of Knobkierie?

18 Apr 2018 BlackCherries

Because Friday Chip doesn't synergize with Alice or Hemorrhage, you'll need to specifically add more cards (Imp) to get Friday Chip targets.

I think you'll need to focus on cutting targets to get to 50 or below 50 first before you start adding cards :)

18 Apr 2018 Seb

Oh, you're right! The corp trashes and not the runner, with those two cards! But what to cut? Peace in Our Time Maybe?