SSO Much Fun

mcbeast 1012

HONK! HONK! This is the fun policy! SSO is all over at the moment! :^)

SSO is cool and fast advancing 5/3 agendas is superfun! Abuse your ID ability by having a City Works Project out and install ice all over the place. Over-advance CWP so the Runner can't steal it, score out Hostile and then go for the fast advance win. Best start is installing CWP and an ice (ie Mausolus) and then install more ice after. Hollywood can be used to score Hostile in the same turn (4 ap in one swoop is nice). Shoot away key cards if the Runner Stralsund anything, same with Ark Lockdown.

Or kill your opponent.

I wouldn't go below 17 ice, as you just wanna jam jam jam. Third RPC can be switched for third IPO or third Punitive, whichever you like.

Oduduwa is cool for building Ice Walls so large you don't have enough counters.


18 Apr 2018 presheaf

I like this! I've been trying a similar build. I think the main difference is the ice suite, as I'm on Asteroid Belt instead of Tithonium/Wraparound and only like 1 Colossus. Asteroid Belt is not great without an SSO trigger, but it's better than Ice Wall with one. I also made do with 2x Hostile. With Fast Track/Biotic, I found I could score the one I needed.

What are your thoughts on the Pirate Hayley matchup? I've been having mixed luck trying to go faster than her, but if you don't, the remote is eventually free pickings. Having enough money to threaten a punitive kill might work, though, not really sure.

19 Apr 2018 Goeshi

Nice. I’m running a very similar build at the moment. I was wondering why you run 3x Hunter Seeker? It’s realistically only going to fire max twice a game because of the 3pters

19 Apr 2018 mcbeast

@presheafI like Ice Wall as it can gain strength, as of Asteroid Belt only has a fixed one. With Oduduwa you can potentially gain infinite counters on Ice Wall, or Colossus. Regarding Pirate Hayley, I've only had a bit of counters with her, and as I've found it you can jam/score out before she can do anything. City Works Project is nice for demotivate stealing agendas, and Punitive can also work to kill Hayley; not rezzing Ice means no money from Traders. Ark Lockdown is also good for sniping key cards, such as Levy when they're in the bin.

@Goeshi Some matchups don't have recursion, and sniping a vital breaker can lock the Runner out. Also does wonders against Anarch who has pitched one breaker, then you can Hunter Seeker the installed one and hopefully use Ark Lockdown. Firing twice can be enough in some matches, and it's there for countering if the Runner can get in everywhere.

19 Apr 2018 presheaf

Kinda, but until you get 5 counters on Ice Wall (in my experience pretty rare), Asteroid Belt is better. I'm not suggesting cutting Ice Wall, though, I'm suggesting cutting Wraparound and Tithonium. I at least personally found it hard to afford Tithonium early, and I think this deck needs some tempo to safely use its ID ability. I'm also kinda surprised you don't play Paywall, which is great for clearing EStrike and for deterring the Runner from hitting centrals before you can defend them.

19 Apr 2018 mcbeast

@presheafAlready ahead of ya. Have made mayor changes since this was dumped yesterday. Need more testing, but seems solid.