Who knew 419 had so many friends***.....

macydus2 68

419 is a denial based identity. Figured the off-campus connection criminal decks could get a lot of work here. Had a great win-rate on Jinteki through Ian with a similar connection deck dies to hatchet job (why I abandoned Ian) and you need to be aware of that new card I can't quite name now with the trash resource or two tags (hate cards that are printed as silver for x and wreck numerous other x but life, right.) Donut can probably go for something (in general never mind inf) but overall it's a solid start to a deck. Testing will work out issues (more film, more guru, no donut, etc.) Like the build though it's surprisingly effective unless you make a mistake piloting. Connection denial side of 419 everyone seems to have missed, vanilla (doesn't really exist but you get my gist) 419 is still strong just wanted to post something that might have been missed. The draw singles in the deck really work (play it 1st) not debating draw changes but they are not as obvious on playing as they would seem in theory. 419 causes corp play differences and a bunch of known information which effects everything. Off-campus is also slightly unique it's own right as well so connection draw + gains + 419 lowers 3x to draw to get it early every time. Try the deck come up with solutions to issues. Deck 100% needs tuning.

19 Apr 2018 macydus2

An extra current/same old thing might be important to fight scarcity as well