Your very own Personalised Portal to Hell

lilelia 323

This is a deck I made when Personalized Portal came out, designed to make good use of that normal 3 credits per turn with beefy ice, and not care as much about the draw, because it raises the threat of mill slightly. Not that much because it often replaces draw they were going to do anyway, but a bit. And sometimes the extra card makes them more confident to run, which you like. And then sometimes, along with Earthrise it gives them 8 cards at start of turn, allowing them to run through your remote Kakugo 4 times to steal an Obokata xD.

Strategy is to secure centrals and get 1 Personalised Portal down and protected asap. 1 ice is normally enough for that. Then build a second remote and never advance with spare Portals/Breached Domes/Batties/3 1s/Niseis with Shipment. Never advance is my favourite way to score Niseis, especially atm with everyone double advancing because NGO Front.

Ark Lockdown and Chronos have been going in all my jinteki decks recently, and they're as powerful as ever here. You don't need to hit a huge amount with them, just enough to disrupt. So many games are won or made significantly easier because of them.

This is a somewhat unrefined deck, but I think it's an interesting and decent direction for PU, and the few games I have played Portal has performed better than expected.