[Successful Demo] Rogue Trading

beyoken 6006

Click here for demo video

(Videos are typically scheduled in advance. If the video link doesn't work, it hasn't been published yet.)

22 Apr 2018 BlackCherries

Waiting to watch your video but I'm surprised you've got no Fall Guy :O

Seems like you have the spare influence for a pair.

22 Apr 2018 Klopstock

Do you think the Wireless Net Pavilions are worth the slots? All your other Resources are fire-and-forget anyways, so you could free up two slots there. And what about Legwork for the remaining Influence?

22 Apr 2018 zmb

I agree with @Klopstock. My version (published recently) has only Dummy Box and Jarogniew Mercs besides the stable resources (CS, Dean, Sot) and they are only installed and trashed immediately on CS turn