Jokertown Wu (5-0 King of Subways)

SimonMoon 2092

Of all the mistakes I have made in Netrunner the worst I have ever made is enabling Dan's laziness and telling him that he could play the exact same decks as he did at Canada so he didn't have to practice. The best Criminal deck was obviously Geist and the thought of playing that 5 times made me want to vomit. So I took Shaper because I thought at least I would have some options about what to do. I looked at Shaper deck after Shaper deck that either installed a trillion cards or clicked mopus a billion times and did nothing. So finally we get the results back from Nationals on the Barbie and the winner is a Dyper deck. I looked at it, and though it played multiple cards I never wanted to install it also played Freelance Coding Contracts so you could throw them away like they deserved. Also it played Clone Chip which is the only fun shaper card. I asked @rotage, Dyper expert if it was legit and he told me it was fast but flimsy. So I tested it out (immediately taking out the Analog Dreamers for literally any other card). I tested it out and I found I kind of enjoyed it, and it was generally over pretty quick without having to install too many cards. Figuring out optimal ways to break Ice and how to use your Clone Chips are fun decisions. Shoutout to @cyberewok on the repeat and making a deck I thought is fun.

The biggest changes I made:

  1. Adding Sure Gamble. I found 2 things playing this deck. 1. You always need to click for credits at some point. 2. if you don't draw Freelance Coding Contracts off your first Game Day things are really really bad. Sure Gamble helped in both of these scenarios (and when you're clicking for credits a Sure Gamble is the same thing as a hyperdriver in clicks saved). Plus having a bit more money let me threaten to actually run things which is part of why I think Wu is good, since you can pull Inti or Cyber Cypher with Wu for free and get into most rushy remotes. Plus if you're clicking for credits and the Gamble Replaced a program click for credit + FCC 5 Programs nets you +11 while Gamble + FCC 4 Programs is +12, and I found I basically always needed a bit more money.

  2. Adding D4vid. I found I basically had no realistic way to threaten Clot, and Grappling hook is bad (though as Rotage warned me about, Helheim Servers + Brainstorm is hard to beat without it). D4 is very good.

  3. Cutting Sareen. As I had cut some programs for gambles, I did need to make some non-program cuts to keep things more in hand. If you triple Encore Sareen typically nets you +3 clicks on your combo (ocasionally slightly more due to making Upya slightly better). However, she cannot be removed from your hand and so if you see her early is minus 1 draw from every gameday. Also if you combo and you fail to score, the fact she is on the board will basically cause you to be zero percent to win when oftentimes you actually are way ahead due to the power of the basic action card.

Anyway, I played this a bunch in the run up to KoS and even though I went 5-0 I don't think this deck is very good. I think its usually a lot slower than the new CtM and loses to an absurd amount of stuff. If you run 3x Snares given how light this deck combos I think you're like 80% given any other deck composition. A nisei counter and 3 good Ice on RnD is good enough. You're only going to be able to open Gameday 50% of the time and your deck is molasses if you don't. Sometimes you don't draw FCC and your deck is also molasses. You can get arklock downed, Chronos Projected, Blacklisted, Salem Hospitality, Hostile Infrastuctured. I beat an IG where my combo turn was only going to be 13 Equivacations, which is well below expectations of what I needed to be able to hit to win. I beat a Palana who just failed to find Nisei despite having double Agroplex and DBS going turn 2. Its truly absurd all the things that can go wrong with this deck. I hit 3/5 opening Game Days which is above expectation too.

Anyway, shoutout to @rotage for all the advice he gave me on playing Dyper, especially his complete incredulity that I insisted misdirection was worth it because the Corp kept hitting me with HHN because I kept on running things instead of setting up to combo. Especially when he told me I needed the upyas despite the fact everyone kept on conceding whenever I Apocalysed, and that the Escher was very important and I shouldn't cut it for more money.

22 Apr 2018 rotage

Congrats on the result, I am still dismayed by your misuse of Dyper style decks :)

22 Apr 2018 emilyspine

Nice work Kenny, congrats. Please don't encourage dyper tho

23 Apr 2018 cyberewok

@SimonMoon congrats on the result! I agree with all your analysis and your changes (except I thought grappling hook was amazing :P ). Your list looks very clean and I love the D4v1d.

23 Apr 2018 SimonMoon

My first game I ran into an Ansani on RnD and got very upset with grappling hook. It vs. Endless hunger is a reasonable debate but D4 is better than Clot + Grappling Hook imo.

23 Apr 2018 cyberewok

Yea that is fair. Clot was a bad meta call. What are your thoughts on an Egret? I love it in this deck.

24 Apr 2018 SimonMoon

Well I think the worst program (Misdirection) is pretty obvious, so there is an easy cut for it. In terms of a slot, I'm a bit iffy on it because you're going to put it in the bin most of the time and its generally not going to be worth using a Clone Chip on it. It does have the edge of being very strong off Wu's ability if its still left in the deck. I'm not that crazy about it but would believe its worth +%'s over Misdirection, but honestly most of the time that slot is just a guaranteed 2 credit sac. I was thinking 3rd Equiv might actually be best because sometimes you don't want to Freelance away your 2nd Equiv which makes things awkward.

Its all pretty close at this point though so I think its hard to say that any program is right or wrong in that slot.