Handsome Jack 1589

Tired of Government Takeovers? Is advancing cards the normal way for chumps? Is your middle name "Overkill"?

Introducing MEGABEALE!

Gameplan: Turtle up centrals while installing drip cards. Rashida Jaheem offers a quick influx of draw and DBS can filter out agendas. Use PAD Factory to advance everything, including the runner's cards, until you hit 13 or more. Mass Commercialize everything, then smile at the runner as they have absolutely no clue what is going on. Dig for Biotic, Couriers, and a Beale, then score 10 points in one turn! Yay!

Weird Cards:

Disposable HQ: Highly underrated card. Digging for combo pieces also brings agendas into HQ. Disposable gets rid of them and buys you even more time.

PAD Factory: An extremely quirky card, PAD Factory lets you save money on advancing and also lets you advance the runner's cards! Fun!

Lily Lockwell: Disrupts Indexing, provides a dig, and if some rando tag happens, you can remove it to tutor for Couriers or Biotic.

Overall, this deck is working surprisingly well and is fun to see the look on your opponents face when they see your 10 point Beale.