A View To A Kill

Koschei 134

Good afternoon 007, welcome to the briefing. 006, AKA Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-Mapping, has retired. You are to take this portfolio and eliminate all targets within. Q Branch will set you up with your new equipment.

(Desmond Lewellyn as Q because I will not acknowledge anyone else in the role)

Hello 007. I will show you the equipment we have prepared for you. First, we have...

Your ID ability - This is getting called out because of how important it is when using your kill combo. Use it at least once per turn to get a glimpse in your opponent's hand. If you have used another reveal card that turn, you can still use it if you are close to a flatline attempt. You should keep track of your opponent's hand as much as possible.

Complete Image - This is the primary kill card. If it gets trashed, you can opt to leave it in Archives and retrieve it when needed.

Salem's Hospitality - There are plenty of recursion options in the deck, so use this if you get info on an important card in your opponent's hand. It is also meant for closing the gap on your opponent's hand size. If you believe you have the flatline in hand, fire away.

Ibrahim Salem - The deck is primarily meant to flatline, so I'm ok with using the 1 or the 2 point agendas to forfeit for him. He gives valuable info on your opponent's hand, so rezzing when he's completely safe or the turn you have a flatline chance is best.

Archived Memories - Try to save these for Complete Image, but because they can be shuffled with Preemptive or Spin Doctor you can use it on something else if needed.

Viral Weaponization/False Lead - These two are included as a combo. Score out Viral, then use 1/2 False Leads to take your opponent's next turn. Back to you, they have little/no hand size depending on reactive draw cards. Pull out the Hospitalities and rez Ibrahim, and go to town!

Obokata Protocol - This drains the opponent of their cards. Use the opportunity to flatline, if possible.

Data Loop - Protects Obokata Protocol, and helps reduce hand size for your flatline.

Possible switches - You can feel free to use Urtica Cipher instead of Snare! if you want, I prefer the Snare! as it can fire from hand. Most of the ice can be used as you wish, but I feel the Data Loop is vital to the deck.

Mulligan - Look out for ice and money. Getting the Public Health Portal early can set you up for life. 3 Credits a turn is huge, and who cares if your opponent knows what's in your hand when they can't get through the multiple ice you can rez!

There you go, 007. Good luck with your mission, and do bring my equipment back in one piece this time?

4 May 2021 Beesknees

Great writeup gonna give it a shot. Also would sublimal messaging work? Be well!!

5 May 2021 Koschei

@Beesknees Thanks! Subliminal is best used in decks that expect the runner to not run nearly every turn, and the type of deck the corp has will help determine that. This deck is not meant to prevent runs, but rather to hold them off of stealing Obokata or Viral. If Obokata is stolen or Viral is scored, the opportunity for a flatline is likely possible. If you were to run multiple Subliminal Messaging you could bounce them back when the runner has a lull in their aggression, but the deck isn't meant to punish runs. In the end though, it doesn't hurt to try it! :D